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The Centrality was an independent government that ruled a lengthy region of space nestled between Hutt Space and the Cron Drift consisting of several dozen star systems. Despite its large volume, the Centrality was a generally empty region lacking many stable hyperspace routes, with some areas so devoid of systems that travelers could run out of fuel before finishing their journeys even halfway. The ruling body of this region of space was the Centrality Council. Inhabitants were referred to as Centrans.


Located in the Outer Rim Territories, the Centrality was bordered to Spinward by the Shadola sector, Trailing by the Calaron sector, Coreward by the Cadma sector, and Rimward by Wild Space.[1]

The Centrality was defined by two trade routes: the Cadma Conduit and the Falko Run. The Cadma Conduit connected the Centrality to the Triellus Trade Route at Junkfort Station via Dagelin Minor. The majority of the Centrality's planets were clustered Coreward on the Cadma Conduit, and included the capital of Erilnar; the shipyard world of Scillal; Lekua V, famous for its universities; and the Oseon system, famous for its Flamewind phenomenon. The Falko Run, running Rimward, included the factory world of Ringneldia II, the agriworld of Dilonexa XXIII, and the Quor'sav homeworld of Uaua. Farther out were Trammis, Paulking and Douglas III, infamous for their hostile wildlife. A third minor route, the Arleen Loop, linked Arleen on the Falko Run to Lekua via Rafa V, the homeworld of the pre-Republic Sharu species, renowned for its massive, ancient plastic pyramids and orchards of life-crystals.[1]

At the absolute Rimward end of the Centrality, near the border with Wild Space, was the mysterious planet Tund, home to the enigmatic Force-users known as the Sorcerers of Tund. To the sector's south, well beyond most travel routes, was the Open Sea, an expanse largely devoid of stars and planets. Ships that suffered hyperdrive failure in the Open Sea were known to go undiscovered for centuries, and ancient wrecks that had been recovered were used as cautionary examples on Hosrel XI, at the Open Sea's border. Also near the Open Sea was the Renatasia system, a lost colony of Grizmallt settled in 3950 BBY. The Open Sea was home to the Oswaft, sentient space-borne creatures native to the ThonBoka nebula.[1]

The Centrality economy was largely based in tourism and the export of vitality-boosting Rafan life-crystals and Zebitrope lesai. Owing to its proximity to Hutt Space, the Hutt kajidics dominated the trade (the route to Zebitrope on the Cadma Conduit became nicknamed the "Kessel Hop"), and had significant influence over the Human-dominated Centrality government on Erilnar.[1]


Early historyEdit

The region was originally settled by colonists with a strong sense of freedom and frontier spirit who were fed up with the corruption of the Old Republic. The settlers embraced the harsh environment and saw their success as a victory of their hard work. Although they opposed strong, central governments, they formed a loose coalition of trade and defense agreements known as the "Centrality". The head of this government was called the "Scrivinir", which meant "head writer" in Old High Trammic.[3] During the last years of the Old Republic, the industrial worlds were hit by economic depressions, while the agriworlds were hit by crop plagues. With the central government too weak and the more prosperous worlds, like Oseon, unwilling to help, the civilization of the Centrality crumbled back to poverty and its backwater reputation began.[4]

Imperial eraEdit

The Centrality allied itself with the Galactic Empire, but maintained most of its independence and military strength. It was regarded as largely strategically unimportant by Emperor Palpatine, and he permitted Rokur Gepta, Sorcerer of Tund, to maintain a jurisdiction over it and its government. The Imperial military placed a fleet in this region, consisting mostly of older ships.

The worlds in the Centrality, now supporting the Empire, had their industries revitalized.[4]

Lando Calrissian had a series of adventures in this region of space with his droid ally, Vuffi Raa, in the days when he was still owner of the Millennium Falcon.

New Republic eraEdit

After the deaths of Gepta and Palpatine, the Centrality maintained its independence but had little impact on galactic affairs. The people viewed the New Republic with a lot of skepticism, but nonetheless signed a treaty of goodwill. The Centrality Navy was reinforced with Imperial starships and proved to be a capable defense. However, with the Empire gone, the economy had once again started to collapse and Renatasian terrorism started to rise.[4]

During the Yuuzhan Vong War, the Centrality was hit by a flood of refugees and the region became plagued by overpopulation, crime, and poverty, and work became extremely scarce. With the government in turmoil, Fleet Admiral Sris Lehhett initiated a bloody coup and installed himself as the new Scrivinir, while the former one, Ottdefa Tavell Geen fled to Coruscant in exile. Lehhett halted immigration, started mass conscription and used Imperial Security Bureau methods to keep the population in line. However, wealthier systems, like Oseon, loudly protested against his methods and threatened to secede.[4]



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