This article is about the language of the alien species Cerean. You may be looking for the Cerean species.

Cerean was the official language of the planet Cerea.[2] It was mainly spoken by native Cereans.[2] Despite their isolationist stance,[3] the Cereans also learned to speak Basic, teaching it during childhood.[2]

"Chu'unthor" was the Cerean word for "academy," and the word "Barsen'thor" translated to "Warden of the Order."

Many non-Cereans learned to speak the language, including Follnor Callat[4], Miltar Dolor[5], and Angela Krin.[5] Cerean was taught to many members of the Jedi Order, such as Qui-Gon Jinn[6], Yarael Poof[7], Oppo Rancisis,[7] and Grand Master Yoda[6][7][8].

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