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A small species of animal lived on the planet Cerea. Members of the species had two legs and two much smaller arms and could be pink in color with darker spots.

Biology and appearanceEdit

A species of small animals lived on the grassy plains of the planet Cerea. Members of the species had two hind limbs and two much smaller for-limbs and on their head a pair of eyes and a mouth with lips large relative to the creatures face. They also possessed a pair of small antennae on top of their head, which ended in small nubs. The creature's hides could be pink in color with darker pink spots on their back. One member of the species was present in fields near Tecave City on Cerea when the Chevin smuggler Ephant Mon tested the air for the presence of the trace mineral Malium.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

This species first appeared in the first issue of the Prelude to Rebellion story arc in the Star Wars: Republic comic book series published by Dark Horse Comics. The issue included the animal in one panel in which it can be seen in the foreground. It was released on December 16 in 1998, written by Jan Strnad and illustrated by Anthony Winn. The issue the species appeared in was collected with the rest of the prelude arc into a trade paper back book released on May 30, 2000 and then was included in the Star Wars Omnibus book Rise of the Sith released in January 2009.


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