Cestus Cybernetics was a subsidiary of Baktoid Combat Automata located on the planet Ord Cestus. It was formed sometime after 321 BBY when a dozen Cybot Galactica officials, imprisoned in Cestus Penitentiary for a disaster on Etti IV, formed a partnership with the prison staff. After the Trade Federation's and Baktoid Combat Automata's defeat at the Battle of Naboo, the company fell on hard times. During the Clone Wars it introduced the JK-13 security droid as its best hope for survival. Clandes Industrial may have been a subsidiary.

After a plague swept the native X'Ting, Cestus Cybernetics gained near-complete control of Ord Cestus.

By 22 BBY, Cestus Cybernetics was controlled by Five Families. These families were the true power behind the throne of Cestus, and attempted to drive Cestus into the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars. The attempt was ultimately unsuccessful, and many representatives of the Five Families were killed when ARC trooper Jangotat called down an orbital strike onto the Families' bunker. The remaining members of the Five Families accepted Galactic Republic rule.

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