Ch'Unkk was a male Whiphid spearmaster leader of the largest Whiphid clan of Toola. He used his clan-members as bodyguards for a large number of ranking Imperials. As Ch'Unkk did not speak Basic, his protocol droid was always nearby.

In 11 ABY, he became part of the Interim Ruling Council, using his bodyguards as enforcers for the IRC. Ch'Unkk was quick to second the nomination of Xandel Carivus as head of the council after the death of Burr Nolyds. In actuality, Ch'Unkk and his bedfellows in the council had nominated Xandel Carivus because they knew that he would be a welcome target for whoever was assassinating members of the council.

This action would eventually be Ch'Unkk's undoing because with the position of Head of the Council, Carivus expelled the nonhuman members from the council. Ch'Unkk was appalled and called to the others to fight back against this tyranny, but he was cut down in a hail of blaster fire from Carivus' men. As a result, all Whiphids left Imperial service, weakening the IRC's position.




Ch'Unkk fights to the death

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