The Château Malreaux was the ancestral home of the Malreaux family on the planet Vjun. It was a dreary building with a cream-and-crimson color scheme, described as resembling dried blood and curdled milk, overlooking the Bay of Tears. It was also one of the most secure locations on the planet, having a very advanced security system and many secret passages. The security system was installed by the last Viscount Malreaux during his descent into madness and paranoia.

The security system consisted of arrangements of automated traps and automated defense lasers, the Château was also equipped with a sophisticated shield generators which was presumably deactivated by Count Dooku when he took residence there.

Dooku used it during the Clone Wars in a trap he set for Yoda. He called the Jedi Master to negotiate his defection to the Jedi Order there, but the mission was proven to be a ruse.



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