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"I've reached her assistant. They're putting us through now."
―Natasi Daala's communications officer contacts Cha Niathal's assistant[1]

An assistant served as a personal aide to the retired Galactic Alliance Admiral Cha Niathal around 43 ABY. In that year, Alliance Chief of State Natasi Daala sent an emissary, Elyas Caran, to Mon Calamari to bring Niathal to Coruscant to be tried for dereliction of duty during the Second Galactic Civil War. Upon Caran's arrival, the assistant went to inform Niathal that Caran was present, only to find that the Mon Calamari had committed suicide.


"When I arrived, her assistant came in to tell her I was present…and found her in this state."
―Elyas Caran, reporting Cha Niathal's death to Natasi Daala[1]

An assistant to the Mon Calamari Cha Niathal lived on the planet Mon Calamari around 43 ABY. Sometime after the conclusion of the Second Galactic Civil War, Niathal, who had served as an Admiral for the Galactic Alliance during the war, went into retirement on her homeworld of Mon Calamari, where the assistant served as Niathal's personal aide. Soon after, as public support declined for Alliance Chief of State Natasi Daala, Daala was advised by General Merratt Jaxton to place Niathal on trial for dereliction of duty, to prove that the government was treating military officers the same way they had treated Luke Skywalker, who had been exiled for the same offense.[1]

Daala's communications officer contacted the assistant, who patched them through to Niathal. Daala then informed Niathal of her decision, before sending an emissary, Elyas Caran, to bring the Mon Calamari to Coruscant for her trial. On the Mon Calamari's homeworld, Caran was greeted by Niathal's assistant. The assistant went to inform Niathal that Caran was present, only to find the ex-Admiral dead in her water tank. They soon discovered that Niathal had run a gas line of carbon monoxide into her tank, committing suicide in order to avoid the dishonor of her trial. Caran then took Niathal to Coruscant for her funeral.[1]

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The assistant was first mentioned briefly in the fourth installment of the Fate of the Jedi series, Fate of the Jedi: Backlash, written by Aaron Allston and released March 9, 2010.


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