"On Yn, the Jedi had laid siege to an Imperial stronghold. Tulak Hord broke the siege single-handedly! And then he pressed forward to Jedi-held Chabosh, leaving nothing but Jedi blood in his wake. I never lacked Force to feed on in those days."
―Khem Val[src]

Chabosh was a planet located in the Chabosh system within the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories. The planet was the site of the Battle of Chabosh where Sith Lord Tulak Hord, his apprentice Ortan Cela, and their Dashade Shadow Killers Khem Val and Veshikk Urk led Sith Empire to victory over the rebel and Jedi forces stationed on the planet following the Battle of Yn.[3] It was during this battle that Tulak Hord performed a ritual that allowed him to draw the strength of his enemies into himself.[4] Thousands of years later, Chabosh was home to a small Rebel Alliance base wiped out by the Galactic Empire's Captain Harsh aboard the Star Destroyer Cauldron during the Battle of Chabosh.[2]

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