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Chachi De Maal

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{{Eras|reb|canon=Baniss Keeg}}
{{Galactic Empire character infobox
|image=[[File:Chachi De Maal.png]]
|name=Baniss Keeg
|name=Chachi De Maal
|homeworld=[[Jivv Space City]], [[Duro system]]<ref name="GG7">''[[Galaxy Guide 7: Mos Eisley]]''</ref>
|species=[[Duros/Legends|Duros]]<ref name="GG7" />
|gender=[[Sexes/Legends|Female]]<ref name="GG7" />
|height=1.8 [[Imperial standard meter|meters]]<ref name="GG7" />
|era=[[Rebellion era]]
|affiliation=[[Galactic Empire]]
|affiliation=*[[Corporate Sector Authority/Legends|Corporate Sector Authority]]
*[[Galactic Empire/Legends|Galactic Empire]]
'''Baniss Keeg''' was a female [[Duros]] who, like most of her species, was a [[pilot]] and [[starship]] [[engineer]]. She often worked for the [[Corporate Sector Authority]] and trained other pilots for deep space missions.
*[[Jabba Desilijic Tiure's criminal empire/Legends|Jabba Desilijic Tiure's criminal empire]]
'''Chachi De Maal''' was a [[Sexes/Legends|female]] [[Duros/Legends|Duros]] who, like most of her [[Species/Legends|species]], was a [[Pilot/Legends|pilot]] and [[Starship/Legends|starship]] [[Engineer/Legends|engineer]]. She often worked for the [[Corporate Sector Authority/Legends|Corporate Sector Authority]] and trained other pilots for deep [[Realspace/Legends|space]] missions. Chachi was native to [[Jivv Space City]], a large [[Orbit/Legends|orbiting]] metropolis on [[Duro/Legends|Duro]], but eventually left to start up business on [[Tatooine/Legends|Tatooine]] with her husband, [[Ohwun De Maal/Legends|Ohwun De Maal]]. Together, the two owned several [[Hangar/Legends|docking bays]] in [[Mos Eisley/Legends|Mos Eisley]], including [[Docking Bay 27 (Mos Eisley)|Docking Bay 27]], [[Docking Bay 43|43]], [[Docking Bay 67|67]], [[Docking Bay 71|71]], [[Docking Bay 86|86]], and [[Docking Bay 94/Legends|94]]. They also owned the droid [[WED-9-M1/Legends|WED-9-M1]]. In the two Duros line of work in which shady characters were constantly renting our their ship storage facilities, they were known to use several well-known aliases. Among Chachi's aliases were '''Baniss Keeg''' and '''Probos'''.
The couple once discovered a star with three dead planets, all of which were rich in [[Helixell]], a key [[mineral]] in hyperdrive [[fuel]]. As of [[0 BBY]], they were deciding on whether to report their findings to the Empire or secretly claim the Helixell for themselves.<ref name="Screen">''[[Star Wars Screen Entertainment]]''</ref> Chachi and her husband were present in [[Chalmun's Spaceport Cantina/Legends|Chalmun's Cantina]] during the fateful encounter of [[Luke Skywalker/Legends|Luke Skywalker]] and [[Han Solo/Legends|Han Solo]]. It just so happened that Solo had been storing his ship, the [[Millennium Falcon/Legends|''Millennium Falcon'']] in their Docking Bay 94. When Solo and his cargo blasted out of the docking bay to escape the [[Galactic Empire/Legends|Galactic Empire]], they forgot to pay their bill, irritating Owhun and his wife and souring their previously friendly relationship with [[Jabba Desilijic Tiure/Legends|Jabba Desilijic Tiure]]. The couple was also known to have smuggled [[Bacta/Legends|bacta]] to the [[Alliance to Restore the Republic/Legends|Rebel Alliance]] in their [[Freighter/Legends|freighter]], ''[[Millanti]]''.<ref name="POTF">{{HasbroCite|set=Star Wars: Power of the Jedi|link=potjduro.asp|pack=Ellorrs Madak}}</ref>
Together with [[Ellorrs Madak]], she often worked for the [[Galactic Empire]].
==Behind the scenes==
==Behind the scenes==
Keeg, along with Madak, were called "Goggle-Eyes" on the set of [[Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope|''A New Hope'']] before their names were developed later.<ref name="SWI95">{{InsiderCite|95|May The Facts Be With You: Part Two|May The Facts Be With You: Part Two: #51-100}}</ref> In the ''[[Star Wars Gamer 2]]'' article, ''[[The University of Sanbra Guide to Intelligent Life: The Duros]]'', Keeg and her partner Madak were both identified as the two Duros from ''[[Galaxy Guide 7: Mos Eisley]]'' that owned the famous Docking Bay 94. The information clarified that Baniss Keeg and Ellorrs Madak were aliases used by the Duros couple. This [[retcon]] also identified Chachi De Maal with the Duros known as Probos that appeared in the ''[[Star Wars Screen Entertainment]]'' sourcebook.
Keeg, along with Madak, were called "Goggle-Eyes" on the set of ''A New Hope'' before their names were developed later. <ref name="SWI95">''[[Star Wars Insider 95]]'' "May The Facts Be With You"</ref>
In the ''Masters of the Empire'' interview with host Jay Laga'aia that took place on the Celebration Stage during [[Celebration V]] in [[August]], [[2010]], it was revealed that, during the [[Chalmun's Spaceport Cantina/Legends|cantina]] scene from ''A New Hope'', Keeg and Madak were both played by [[Jon Berg]].<ref name="MotE">{{SWArchive|url=fans/events/cv_masters_of_the_empire/index.html|text=Masters of the Empire}}
*''[[Hammertong: The Tale of the "Tonnika Sisters"]]''
*''[[Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope]]'' {{1st}}
*[[Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope|''Star Wars'': Episode IV ''A New Hope'']] {{1st}}
*''[[Hammertong: The Tale of the "Tonnika Sisters"]]'' {{1stID|Baniss Keeg}}
*{{SWG|An Empire Divided}} {{Mo}}
*[[Star Wars: Chewbacca (Dark Horse)|''Star Wars: Chewbacca'']] {{Flash}}
*''[[The Star Wars Holiday Special]]''
{{Imagecat|Images of Chachi De Maal}}
*''[[CCG: Premiere Limited|Star Wars Customizable Card Game: Premiere Limited]]''
*''[[Galaxy Guide 7: Mos Eisley]]'' {{1stID}}
*''[[Star Wars Screen Entertainment]]'' {{C|as "Probos"}}
*[[Galaxy Guide 1: A New Hope (Second Edition)|''Galaxy Guide 1: A New Hope'', Second Edition]]
*{{CCG|set=Premiere Limited|link=Premiere-Dark/large/banisskeeg.gif|cardname=Baniss Keeg}}
*{{CCG|set=Premiere Limited|link=Premiere-Light/large/wed9m1banthadroid.gif|cardname=WED-9-M1 "Bantha Droid"}}
*''[[Mos Eisley Adventure Set]]''
*{{InsiderCite|48|The Last Page}}
*{{GamerCite|2|The University of Sanbra Guide to Intelligent Life: The Duros}}
*{{HasbroCite|set=Star Wars: Power of the Jedi|link=potjduro.asp|pack=Ellorrs Madak}}
*{{FFCite|22|CAN 3, ''Mos Eisley Cantina Characters''}}
*''[[Inside the Worlds of Star Wars Trilogy]]''
*''[[Inside the Worlds of Star Wars Trilogy]]''
*[[Star Wars: Complete Locations (2005)|''Star Wars: Complete Locations'']]
*''[[The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia]]''
*{{InsiderCite|126|The Beastmaster!}}
*{{DB|character|chachidemaal|Chachi De Maal}}
*''[[Star Wars: Force Collection]]'' {{C|Card: Ohwun De Maal (★★)}}
*''[[Star Wars: Force Collection]]'' {{C|Card: Chachi De Maal (★★)}}
*{{SW|url=news/the-star-wars-holiday-special-cantina-we-may-not-thrive-friend-but-we-survive-friend|int=The Star Wars Holiday Special Cantina: Who's Who|text=''The Star Wars Holiday Special'' Cantina: Who's Who|archivedate=20170711142125}}
==Notes and references==
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