The Chagras Hegemony was a Sith state in the Grumani sector that existed during the time of the New Sith Wars.

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The succession states after the death of Chagras.

The Chagras Hegemony was created by the Sith Lord Chagras, who used his cleverness to help him gain control of large swaths of the Grumani sector. Following the death of Chagras in 1040 BBY, upstart Sith Lords who had previously served Chagras fought among themselves for control of the Hegemony, resulting in the formation of the Bactranate, the Daimanate and the Odionate in regions formerly encompassed by the Hegemony. However, a few systems held out against the newly risen warlords and came to be known as the Chagrasi Remnant, although it was unclear whether or not the Remnant was an actual Sith power.

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