False Kadann

The pseudo-Kadann crushing a ball of chalk

"I drank a bit of the milk and used another piece of cake to get rid of the thick chalky taste."
―Corran Horn[src]

Chalk was a soft, powdery substance that could be compressed into solid shapes. Items made of compressed chalk could easily be turned into their initial dusty state by simply crushing them.[1] In its natural form, chalk was white,[2] but it could be colored with pigments.[1] The precious lommite ore, one of the primary constituent materials of transparisteel, was described as chalk-like.[3]

The pseudo-Kadann, the false Supreme Prophet of the Dark Side, was known to keep colored chalk balls on a low table besides his throne. He would often crush the balls in his hands until they crumbled to dust, using the color symbolism to convey certain messages.[1] Pieces of chalk were also used as primitive writing instruments, notably used to write on scoreboards during sporting events.[4] Sometimes, pieces of chalk were also used to mark one's way physically in labyrinthine places.[5]

According to the Human Corran Horn, artificial nerfmilk protein beverage tasted like chalk.[6]


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