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«I don't care who those guys are. Kick them out; last time they were here they roughed up some of my regulars.»

Chalmun was a male Wookiee proprietor of the most popular spacer's bar in Mos Eisley, Tatooine, the eponymous Chalmun's cantina. A distant relative of Chewbacca, he was a large tan-and-gray Wookiee, with a scar running from his left shoulder across the left side of his chest. This was a remnant of his days as a street thug.


The Cantina[]

Chalmun manning the bar

Chalmun was a beige and gray-colored Wookiee born on Kashyyyk in 157 BBY,[1] and a distant relative of Chewbacca,[2] a famous Wookiee who became a member of the Rebel Alliance.[3] Chalmun grew up as a street thug, quickly learning that his natural stature and weight as a Wookiee gave him a distinct advantage in brawls; however, he also learned first-hand that strength meant little when one was faced with a blaster.[1]

At some point in his life, Chalmun was badly scarred, with a diagonal scar running from his left shoulder across the left side of his chest.[1] Chalmun was a street fighter for a long time before he ran up a huge profit swindling hapless tourists at the casinos on Ord Mantell in just a few years. He used the funds to purchase a popular cantina—known simply as the Mos Eisley cantina—from two Ranats, the Vriichon brothers, located in the heart of Mos Eisley, largest city on the planet Tatooine in the Outer Rim Territories.[4]

The Vriichons left Tatooine post haste after the sale—they had been using the cantina as a front for an illegal spice den, and were afraid that the Wookiee would be angry with them when he discovered the numerous bodies they had buried in the building's base. The cantina, which quickly became known as "Chalmun's Cantina"[4] or simply "Chalmun's,"[2] was extremely popular with smugglers, spacers, pilots and various other shady individuals, because of its central location, wide variety of beverages, and loose rules:[1] while fighting was banned and rowdy individuals sometimes ejected,[5] the rules were rarely enforced, so muggings and shootings were commonplace.[4]

Chalmun became loyal to his regulars, and any who treated them poorly were swiftly kicked out. He also abhorred droids, refusing them entry in his cantina.[1] Chalmun rarely worked personally in the bar, instead employing bartenders such as Wuher and Ackmena to serve drinks; he spent most of his time in his office, which contained his own personal bar, tended by Nimbanel barman Husklf. Chalmun also employed security for the cantina, who used a complex listening system to eavesdrop on conversations,[4] and a bouncer named Tork.[5] He kept a personal pilot and escape ship, ready to flee the cantina should the need arise.[4]

Later life[]

Chalmun working at the bar

Since coming to own the cantina, he had distanced himself from the kinds of situations that had provoked the violence he so enjoyed in his youth. However, he often provided his hospitality to beings associated with the Hutts and retired celebrity podracers.

Despite this, Chalmun was rarely seen in the main cantina; instead spending the majority of the time in his back office. Many who saw the Wookiee there mistook him for a bouncer, owing both to his formidable appearance and his tendency to physically remove anyone who caused trouble. Of course, owing to his history, he also admired people who caused trouble with style, which also meant that making friends with him was a tightrope walk.

Chalmun remained the owner of the cantina when it was visited by Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Han Solo, and Chewbacca shortly before the Battle of Yavin.



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