"You, take my prisoners to the main Inquisition chamber."
―Antares Draco[src]

The Chambers of Persuasion, also known as the Inquisition Chambers, were chambers within the Temple of the One Sith on Korriban.


Located within the depths of the Dark Lord of the Sith XoXaan's Temple on Korriban, the Chambers of Persuasion was a torture facility used by high-ranking members of the One Sith. In 137 ABY Darth Havok, a Sith Inquisitor, imprisoned the captured Princess Marasiah Fel of the Fel Empire and interrogated her within the chambers.[1] The Imperial Knight Antares Draco disguised himself as a Sith Lord and infiltrated the Temple alongside fellow Knight Ganner Krieg and Jedi Shado Vao in an attempt to rescue the Princess.[2]


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