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Champala, also called "Chagria," was a planet in the Inner Rim and the homeworld of the Chagrian people. Most of its starports were high and dry on plateaus, but its cities were submerged at high tide. It was a popular resort world.


A Chagrian.

Champala was located within a star system in the Inner Rim region of the galaxy,[1] on the Hydian Way between Nierport[7] and Drearia.[4] It was considered a water world, though it possessed several small continents covered in jungles and rainforests, with the occasional high plateau. The tidal zones of Champala consisted of long, thin strips of land.


Civilization on Champala originated in these long strips of coastline, where sea levels fluctuated wildly with the tides. Buildings in these ancient cities were entirely submerged at high tide, and Chagrians swam between them. Some multi-story buildings were not equipped with staircases or elevators at all; inhabitants simply waited until high tide, then swam to higher floors. Once the Chagrians made contact with other species, they constructed starports and trade cities on high plateaus accessible by aircar.

Around five hundred years before the Battle of Naboo, a number of needy Chagrian locals were approached by recruiters sent by Hugo Bartyn. Bartyn wanted amphibian fishermen to settle a new city in Lamaredd and tempted these poverty-stricken individuals with promises of untouched seas in a new frontier. Once they arrived, however, they became slave laborers.[8]

Champala would come to be represented in the Galactic Senate; eventually Mas Amedda would be elected senator in the final years of the Republic.

Champala was heavily polluted during the rule of the Galactic Empire after a series of mining accidents. The Chagrians played a part in liberating Mon Calamari from the Empire, and their planet was an initial member of the Alliance of Free Planets, remaining part of both the New Republic and the Galactic Alliance.

At the end of the Galactic Civil War, the Battle of Champala was fought there.



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