"And how do you get to be a Commandant's Cadet?"
"You get invited."
―Zare Leonis and Chan Harra[src]

Chan Harra was a female individual who served as an Imperial cadet at the Arkanis Academy. Tall and pale, she had an interest in joining the academy's secretive group of cadets known as the Commandant's Cadets, but had never received an invitation. Harra was one of the first cadets at the academy met by Zare Leonis, who had secretly infiltrated the academy to rescue his sister. He did not recognize the name of her homeworld. Leonis later served in a training mission with her, as well as Xan Lanier, Tigard Manes and Anya Razar. Razar described Harra as a "rock," someone that Leonis could rely upon.[1]


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