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"I just happen to have a chance-cube here. Blue—it's the boy. Red—his mother."
―Watto, deciding whether to wager Anakin Skywalker or his mother in a bet[src]

A chance cube, or chance-cube, was a gambling device in the form of a small cube. Some types of chance-cube could only give two results after being thrown, as three of their sides were one color, while the other three were another color. Toydarians like Watto[1] or King Katuunko were known for using such chance-cubes.[2] Imperial cadets Pandak Symes and Nazhros Oleg used a chance cube to decide who would get the bottom bunk in their barrack, with Symes winning the roll.[6]

Another variant had the cube marked on each face with from one to six spots. Han Solo had a pair of such cubes decorating the cockpit of his starship, the Millennium Falcon.[4] It was Solo's copilot, Chewbacca, who had hung those cubes as a joke several years before the Battle of Yavin.[7]

In grav-ball, the team that won the chance-cube toss got to start at the center of the game's grid.[8]



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