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The Chancellor's podium was a podium located in the center of the Galactic Senate Building's Galactic Senate Chamber that extended from the Chancellor's working office[1] directly below.[2]


The Chancellor's podium was 30 meters tall, this was to display authority towards the Senate. When not in use during Senate Meetings it retracts into the Chancellor's working office which lies beneath the chamber. The podium also featured a data screen that translated dialects and showed the results of votes to the Supreme Chancellor.[1]

The top of the podium was where the Supreme Chancellor stood and addressed the senate alongside his Administrative aide and the Vice Chair. Slightly below them was where other key individuals sat, these officials included the sergeant-at-arms who was in charge of the senate workers and messenger droids, the Journal Clerk, the Official Reporter who recorded the debates of the senate, and a parliamentarian who advised the chancellor on senatorial procedures.[1]

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