Chandra Hobat was a female Ithorian politician from Dayark in the Episol system. In 8 ABY, she was serving as the President of the Kathol Republic.

A skilled agriculturist and ecologist, Hobat was in her second term of office in 8 ABY. She focused the efforts of the Kathol Republic on long-term terraforming and farming operations that would not come to fruition for several decades. Because of this, enthusiasm for Hobat's policies gradually fell away, and she had to rely on coalition of factions within the Kathol Republic Senatorial Council.

After the incident that resulted in the loss of two corvettes from the Kathol Republic Navy, Hobat presided over the emergency session of the Senatorial Council that tried the crew of the New Republic corvette FarStar for the crime. The crew of the corvette managed to convince Hobat that they were not responsible for the act, and that representatives of Moff Kentor Sarne were behind the attack, and had posed as members of the New Republic.

When the FarStar situation presented itself, Hobat realized that an alliance with the New Republic could bring immediate benefits. However, she needed to convince the populace of the fact, but she could not openly support the FarStar crew since she would be openly standing against her chief rival, Senator Sho'ban Do, who was in a stronger political position.

After members of the FarStar crew proved that Do was involved in a plot to assassinate the Senatorial Council using droids and take over the Republic, support for Hobat returned. She agreed to a tentative alliance with New Republic to show her gratitude for the efforts of its representatives..



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