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"You're a sensible man, Lenz. Are you sure you're from Chandrila?"
Orson Krennic, to Winmey Lenz[2]

The Chandrilans were a cultural group of humans who called the planet of Chandrila home. They were regarded as peaceful but slightly haughty, pedantic, and interested in politics.[3]

Despite spending the majority of her life on Coruscant, Leida Mothma, who was born on Chandrila, enjoyed the simplicity of Chandrilan customs, unlike her mother, Mon Mothma, who regarded many of the Chandrilan traditions to be outdated in modern times.[4]

Following the Imperial Era, some Chandrilans disliked former Imperials.[3] Chandrilans included Senator Mon Mothma[1] and Ben Solo, the son of rebellion war heroes, Han Solo and Leia Organa.[5]

Society and culture[]

Chandrilan women like Mon Mothma were known to favor simple hairstyles.[1] Chandrilans had many customs such as the Day of Days.[6] In Chandrila, the age of majority for marriage is 14 years old,[7] and getting married at this approximate age is a tradition in Chandrilan culture, which Mon Mothma and Perrin Fertha did.[8]

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