"How touching."
―Chane, to Rogun and Voidhound[src]

Chane was a Pureblood Sith female who served the Sith Empire during the Galactic War. In 3641 BBY she and a fellow Sith Desora were send by the Imperial Admiral Harridax Kirill to follow the Voidhound to Rogun Matt'rik's safe house on Tatooine. Voidhound planned to kill Rogun for their past mis-dealings, unaware that they were mostly orchestrated by Kirill, aka the Voidwolf, whom the smuggler unwittingly helped. Chane and Desora interrupted the argument between the two and after revealing the deception via hologram, Kirill ordered the Sith to rid him of assets he no longer needed. However, the Voidhound and Rogun decided to team up despite past differences and managed to defeat both of the Sith.


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