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"Careful with that thing. It's been through hell."
―The Second Sister speaks to Cal Kestis, overwhelmed by the Sister's past[1]

Chaos,[2] also known as the Void,[3] was a mythological place associated with disorder.[2] When referred to as Hell, it hinted at an unpleasant afterlife—a deck officer once told Han Solo he would probably freeze to death in the icy plains of Hoth, to which Solo replied "Then I'll see you in Hell."[4] The term could also be used as an expletive, such as when clone trooper CT-782 "Hevy" asked what "the hell" a Rishi eel was after it killed CT-4040 "Cutup."[5]

According to a legend of the Naboo people, Chaos was a pit held back by six impenetrable gates. In a direct reference to that legend, the virtually fathomless core of Theed's power generator was kept behind six laser gates.[2]

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Behind the scenes[]

The word "Chaos" originates in the Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope novelization, where Darth Vader growls angrily at Captain Antilles, "Chaos take your mission!".

In Greek mythology, Chaos refers both refers to the primeval emptiness of the universe before things came into being[6], and the primordial goddess of the same name (Kaos/Χαος in Greek, sometimes spelled Kháos, with Chaos being the common English spelling), who embodied the same.


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Doctor Aphra (2016) 8 (Mentioned only) (as expletive)


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