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"Chapter 14: The Tragedy" is the sixth episode of the second season of the television series The Mandalorian. The episode was released on December 4, 2020 on Disney+.[1] It was directed by Robert Rodriguez.

Official description[]

The Mandalorian and Child travel to an ancient site.[4]

Plot summary[]

Journey to Tython[]

As the Razor Crest approaches the planet Tython, Din Djarin speaks to Grogu, addressing him by his name. He trains the Child to use the Force to summon the joystick ball. Djarin tells Grogu that he is impressed with his Force powers, promising to help him find a Jedi who can train him. He tells Grogu that he would have to go to any Jedi who would answer the call, saying that Grogu is too powerful to train. Djarin explains that he promised to take Grogu back to his own kind.

Djarin flies Grogu up to the seeing stone.

The Razor Crest descends into Tython's atmosphere, flying over several hills. Using the ship's navigation systems, Djarin closes in on the seeing stone that Ahsoka Tano had told him about earlier. Since the "magic rock" lacks a suitable area for the Razor Crest to land, Djarin decides that they will have to "travel the last stretch with the windows down." Djarin travels on a jetpack with the Child in his arms to the seeing stone.

They find that the stone is a rocky dome that lies at the center of several stony structures surrounding a circle. He places Grogu on top of the stone and wonders if there is a way to activate the structure. Djarin uses his helmet scanner to scan for any controls. Grogu plays with a butterfly. While Djarin wonders how to get Grogu to activate the structure, he sights a starship circling them which turns out to be Slave I, Boba Fett's starship. As Slave I lands in a nearby clearing, Djarin tells Grogu that they have to get out of here.

Just then, Grogu summons a force field around the stone. Djarin is unable to reach Grogu. Through his helmet scanner, Djarin sees a figure exiting Slave I and decides to buy Grogu time by standing guard. Djarin walks down the hill and takes position behind a rock, narrowly avoiding blaster fire. A hooded man approaches Djarin, telling him that he has been tracking him. Djarin asks if he is a Jedi or if he is after the Child.

Encounter with Boba Fett and Shand[]

The hooded man removes his hood, revealing himself as the bald Boba Fett. Fett tells Djarin that he is here for his armor. Thinking that Fett is referring to his armor, Din tells him that he will have to peel it off his dead body. Fett clarifies that he is not after Djarin's armor but his own armor, which Din had recieved from Cobb Vanth back on Tatooine. Fett says it belongs to him. Djarin asks if he is Mandalorian.

Fett replies that he is just a simple man making his way through the galaxy just like his father before him. When Djarin asks if he took the Mandalorian Creed, Fett replies that he gives his allegiance to no one. Djarin replies that the beskar belongs to the Mandalorians and that it was looted from them before the Great Purge of Mandalore. Fett counters that the armor belonged to his father and that it now belongs to him.

When Djarin asks what is to stop him from shooting him down, Fett replies that he has a sharpshooter on the ridge with a locked scope that will unload by the time his body hits the ground. Djarin counters that he is wearing beskar and threatens to kill Fett and his companion. Fett clarifies that his friend has locked onto Grogu, who is on the henge. Fennec Shand identifies herself as the sniper, reminding Djarin that she does not miss.

Djarin chats with Fett and Shand.

Djarin demands that Shand stand down or he will shoot them down with his whistling birds. Fett asks Djarin and Shand to put down their weapons so that they can enter into a chat. Djarin tells Fett to tell Shand to drop the gun. Fett replies after he drops his jetpack. Djarin and Shand lower their weapons with the former putting down his jetpack. Shand remarks that Djarin looks like he has seen a ghost. When Djarin says he thought that she was dead, Fett says that she was left for dead on the sands of Tatooine as was he. He adds that fate sometimes steps in to rescue the wretched. Peeling back a section of her clothing to reveal cybernetics in her lower abdomen, Shand remarks that Boba Fett was her fate and that she is now in his service.

Fett reiterates his demand for the return of his armor. When Djarin objects on the grounds that it goes against the Mandalorian Creed, Fett replies that the armor was given to his father Jango Fett by his forebears. In exchange for the return of his armor, Fett promises to guarantee the safety of the Child as well as his own. Shand adds that the bounty on the Child has risen significantly to the equivalent of ten suits. Fett says that they are offering a fair deal given the circumstances.

Imperial entanglements[]

Just then, a third starship circles nearby and the three scatter. Djarin runs back to Grogu, who is immersed in the force field which rises up. Djarin tries to force his way inside the force field but is thrown back by the bubble. Meanwhile, Fett and Shand take up position in a rock near the shuttle. Several stormtroopers emerge from the shuttle and come under fire from Fett and Shand, who manage to shoot a few down. As the stormtrooper commander orders his men to disperse, Fett signals for Shand to split up.

A squad of stormtrooper decend on Shand's position.

Hiding behind the rocks, she attacks a flank of the troopers. The stormtrooper commander orders his remaining men to approach from a different directions. However, Fett is waiting and attacks a stormtrooper with a Gaderffii stick. Fett runs circles around the troops, ambushing them with his Gaderffii stick and knocking several to the ground. As a wounded soldier kneels in pain, Fett whacks him across the head, damaging his helmet. More stormtroopers exit the shuttle but Shand takes them out.

Several of the stormtroopers set up a mortar device manned by an Imperial Mortar Stormtrooper and an E-Web heavy repeating blaster cannon. One of the stormtroopers strafes the ridge that Shand is on with blaster fire, forcing her to dodge their blasts and to take cover behind the rocks. Using her strength, Shand kicks down a boulder which smashes through the ranks of the stormtroopers and takes out the heavy repeating blaster, whose user tries to shoot the boulder instead of getting out of the way and gets flattened by it. Fett himself ambushes the commander with his Gaderffii stick, knocking him to the ground and fighting his men. He stabs the commander through his chest armor with the sharp end of the stick. Fett then sees his armor in the nearby Razor Crest.

Meanwhile, Shand flees from several pursuing stormtroopers by navigating through the rocks, taking down several of her pursuers. Shortly later, a second Imperial shuttle lands in the clearing between the Razor Crest and the first shuttle. While Shand fights the stormtroopers, Djarin gets to his feet and watches as Grogu meditates through the Force. Djarin decides to protect Grogu and heads down to face the stormtroopers.

Just after Djarin leaves, the Child stops summoning the Force field and collapses out of exhaustion. Several stormtroopers close in on Shand but she takes them out with her blaster. However, she is outnumbered and soon surrounded by more reinforcements. The stormtroopers tell her that they are not after her but the Child. Just then, Djarin arrives and uses his whistling birds to take out several stormtroopers. He and Shand join forces to fight the stormtroopers. Djarin offers Shand to make amends for the last time if they get out of here alive. Shand accepts his offer and the two fight against the advancing stormtroopers.

Fett blasts a stormtrooper without even looking at him.

As the skirmish rages, Boba Fett arrives in his reclaimed armor and jetpack and uses a grenade to take out and disorientate more stormtroopers. He takes several down with his blaster and in hand to hand combat. The remaining stormtroopers charge him, but quickly decide to retreat when he kills two with rockets concealed in his kneepads. They flee aboard their ships, which depart. After scanning the ships with his helmet scanner, Fett uses his jetpack's rocket to take out the engines of one of the shuttles, causing it to collide with the other ship. Both ships explode in flames and crash.

Djarin compliments Fett for his marksmanship but Fett says he was aiming for the other one. Just then a laser blast is fired from orbit, aimed at the parked Razor Crest, which is blown to smithereens. Shand tells Fett that he better get to his ship and Fett rockets off. Djarin watches the burning wreckage of his ship in sadness before scanning the skies and spotting a light cruiser. Djarin realizes that the Imperials are here for the Child.

Kidnapping Grogu[]

Aboard the cruiser, the gunnery officer informs Moff Gideon that it was a direct hit. A pleased Gideon asks if the Dark troopers have been engaged. The female Imperial comms officer replies momentarily. The light cruiser dispatches four armored Dark Troopers, who descend onto the magic rock and its rocky surroundings. Djarin, Fett, and Shand run up but the droids beat them to it. One of them snatches the screaming Grogu and flee into orbit.

The Dark Troopers surround Grogu within Force-henge.

Shand tells Fett, who is flying Slave I, that the Imperials have gotten the "baby" and not to let them get away. Unwilling to harm the Child, Djarin convinces Shand and Fett to call off the attack. Fett instead decides to do a "loose follow" to see where they are headed. He follows the Dark troopers into the upper atmosphere of Tython. Sighting the orbiting light cruiser, Fett says that the Empire is back.

Shand is shocked, believing that the Outer Rim is under the jurisdiction of the New Republic. Fett responds that this is not a "spice dream" because he is seeing the Imperial cruiser with his own eyes. Fett decides to head back while the Imperial cruiser jumps into hyperspace.

Djarin surveys the pit left by the wreckages of his ship. While digging through the charred soil, he finds the joystick ball that the Child was playing with and places it in his pocket. Shand stands silently while Djarin retrieves the beskar spear that Tano had presented him with. He approaches Fett and Shand, telling him that this is all that survived. Fett shows Djarin a hologram of his chain code, which has been encoded in his armor for 25 years. Written in Mando'a script, the chain code contains his family lineage, revealing "foundling," "mentor Jaste," "father Fett" and "Boba Fett" along with "Concord Dawn" and other words.

Djarin realizes that Fett's father was a foundling. Fett confirms this is the case and adds that Jango Fett even fought in the Mandalorian Civil Wars. Recognizing Fett and his father as Mandalorians, Djarin allows Fett to keep his armor. Fett is pleased with the return. Djarin thinks their deal is complete but Fett says not quite because he and Shand promised to guarantee the safety of the Child in exchange for the armors return. Since the Child has been kidnapped, Fett says that he and Shand are in Djarin's debt until the safe return of Grogu.

Seeking out an ally[]

Djarin enlists the aid of Cara Dune, Marshal of the New Republic.

The trio travel on Slave I to Nevarro City. There, Djarin learns that Carasynthia Dune has become a Marshal of the New Republic, saying that he has heard rumors that she has gone legit. He tells her that he needs her help to locate someone on the New Republic prison registry. While Dune consults her computer, Djarin explains that he is looking for a former Imperial sharpshooter named Migs Mayfeld, who was apprehended near the Dilestri system on a derelict prison ship. Dune finds that Mayfeld is serving a 50 year sentence in the Karthon Chop Fields for springing a prisoner himself and being an accessory to the death of a New Republic officer.

Dune surmises that Mayfeld is a piece of work and asks what Djarin needs him for. Djarin explains that he needs his help in locating Moff Gideon's light cruiser. Dune is sympathetic to Djarin's plight but says that she needs to follow rules as a Marshal of the New Republic. Djarin tells Dune that the Imperials have the "kid."

Prisoner of the Empire[]

Meanwhile, Gideon's light cruiser travels through hyperspace. Moff Gideon exits the bridge and walks down a corridor flanked by a pair of stormtroopers. He enters a cell where he finds Grogu using his Force powers to throw two stormtroopers to the ground and to hurl them against the wall. Grogu even Force chokes them in fear and rage. One of the escort stormtroopers issues the order to set for stun but Gideon motions him to wait. Gideon watches with interest as Grogu girls two stormtroopers against the walls of the cell before collapsing in exhaustion.

Gideon shows Grogu the Darksaber.

As the wounded stormtroopers crawl out of the door, a pleased Gideon compliments Grogu for his display of Force powers but says it makes him so sleepy. He then shows Grogu the Darksaber, tauntingly asking if he has seen its like in the past, before deactivating it, saying that Grogu is not yet ready to wield this type of weapon. He then tells Grogu that he could do with a nice, long sleep before a stormtrooper stuns him. The female Imperial comms officer watches from behind. Gideon then orders the two other stormtroopers to put Grogu into shackles.

He then tells the comms officer that as soon as they exit hyperspace to send an encrypted message to Dr. Pershing, telling him that they have gotten their donor. As the Imperials leave the cell, a stormtrooper applies a pair of electric shackles around Grogu's body.


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