"Kid. Never trust a pirate."
―Din Djarin, to Grogu[5]

"Chapter 21: The Pirate" is the fifth episode of the third season of the live-action television series The Mandalorian.[1] It was directed by Peter Ramsey[3] and released on March 29, 2023.[2]

Official description[]

The people of Nevarro need protection from rampant pirate attacks.

Plot summary[]

Pirate attack[]

On Nevarro, High Magistrate Greef Karga and two civic engineers discuss designs of the city. Suddenly screams emanate from outside, and Karga's protocol droid comes in and reports that a pirate Corsair is violating the airspace of the population zone. The protocol droid asks if they should negotiate with Shard, but Karga refuses, since it will set a bad precedent. He tasks the droid with evacuating the civilians to safety, and adjourns the meeting with the civic engineers.


The two leaders meet.

Pirate King Gorian Shard hails Karga. Shard mocks Karga's choice of attire, prompting Karga to warn him not to mistake his hospitality for weakness. Shard then raises the matter of the deaths of several of his crew at the hands of Karga and Din Djarin; when Karga responds that Shard's helmsman shot first, Shard responds that he shoots first. When Karga says that Nevarro is under the protection of the New Republic, Shard dismisses this, saying that the planet is an independent world and no longer under the protection of Moff Gideon. Karga responds that the Spinward patrol regularly passes through Nevarro.

Shard tells Karga that this is not a game of sabacc that he can bluff his way out of, and warns not to hail him again, unless it is to surrender. While Karga speaks to an orange R4 astromech droid, Shard's starship commences an aerial bombardment of the settlement, destroying and damaging numerous buildings. The civilians flee in panic. Karga's protocol droid tells the High Magistrate that he has prepared his escape pod but Karga is unwilling to abandon his people, and sends out a directive immediately. A white protocol droid orders the people of Nevarro to evacuate to the lava flats. Karga sends a distress message to Captain Carson Teva requesting help from the New Republic.

A distress message[]

At the Adelphi New Republic outpost, several New Republic starfighter pilots socialize with drinks and games at a bar. The bartender informs Captain Carson Teva that a message has come through, and hands him a data disc. Teva plays the message, and hears Karga's request for help. Karga says that Nevarro has been attacked by the Pirate Nation led by Pirate King Gorian Shard. Reminding Teva of his earlier offer of assistance, Karga requests New Republic help in clearing out the raiders. Karga fears that the planet will fall, and that Shard will turn Nevarro into a pirate base.

Carson Teva and Zeb

The two pilots were left hanging by the New Republic.

Fellow pilot Garazeb "Zeb" Orrelios overhears the messages and sits down beside Teva, telling him the situation sounds bad, and that he was rooting for Nevarro. Teva intends to forward Karga's distress message to Coruscant to request permission to intercede; Orrelios responds that the New Republic is swamped with requests for assistance, and will take weeks to respond. Teva decides to go to Coruscant alone, to intercede on behalf of Karga himself. Orrelios wishes Teva luck, telling him that he is going to need it.

Slow bureaucracy[]

Captain Teva travels to Coruscant. He enters a skyscraper that serves as a New Republic military facility. Teva is noticed by the former Imperial officer Elia Kane. Despite the objections of a Rodian staff member, Teva barges into Colonel Tuttle's office, where the Colonel is being served by a yellow astromech droid. After sending the droid out, Tuttle asks Teva why he is visiting.

Elia Kane and Carson Teva

Internal conflict within the New Republic.

Teva reports that he is from the far-flung Adelphi Base and has come on behalf of High Magistrate Karga, who is seeking New Republic assistance following an attack on the Outer Rim world of Nevarro. Tuttle replays Karga's distress message before switching it off. Kane enters the room, prompting Tuttle to seek her advice on Nevarro. Kane responds that Nevarro have yet to sign the Charter and have not yet joined the New Republic. When Teva protests that they can't leave planets defenseless, Tuttle counters that member worlds have priority and laments that the New Republic lacks the resources to assist Nevarro.

Teva opines that the recent pirate attack on Nevarro is not an isolated incident, citing reports of Imperial military activity on the planet, Moff Gideon, and the Pirate King Shard. He thinks these events are connected and mentions rumors that Gideon never made it to trial. Tuttle responds that the New Republic isn't a rebellion anymore but has a government structure. He tells Teva that he works in Requisitions and asks Teva about his matter of business.

Teva responds that he is requesting authorizing and backup for dealing with pirates on Nevarro. Kane smiles and suggests that the pirate attack could serve as a reminder to Nevarro's leaders about the importance of joining the New Republic. Teva remarks that her views are very imperial in nature. When Tuttle chides Teva for being out of line, Kane brushes off Teva's remarks and suggests that it takes a new perspective for one to "see the light." Teva questions her conversion story and reminds her that she was captured. Kane counters that she was "liberated."


Request denied.

Ultimately, Tuttle denies sending help to Nevarro because it is not a member planet but promises to explore allocating resources. In response, Teva warns that something "big and dangerous" is happening "out there" and that ignoring it would allow it to fester into a bigger problem that would be too late for the New Republic to act. Angry and disappointed, the captain storms out of the colonel's office.

Meanwhile on Nevarro, Karga leads the displaced inhabitants of Nevarro City as they take shelter near a cave. After surveying Shard's orbiting warship, Karga addresses his people, promising that help will arrive soon. When several citizens question when help will arrive, Karga tells them that he has appealed to the New Republic and that help is on the way.

A friend in need[]

Captain Teva travels on his X-wing starfighter with his R7 astromech droid to the planet hosting the Mandalorian covert. He lands his starfighter and walks up to the entrance of the hideout, but the Mandalorians are not happy with his arrival and tell him he is not welcome. When Din Djarin asks Teva how he learnt about their location, Teva responds that a veteran of the Rebellion is among their ranks: R5-D4. Teva thanks R5.

When Djarin remarks that the entire covert will have to relocate, Paz Vizsla proposes killing him. Djarin responds that Teva once "cut him a break" and he will return the favor. Teva informs them that Din Djarin's friend, Greef Karga, is under attack by pirates and is asking for help. When Djarin asks why Teva is here and suggests that the New Republic intervene, Teva responds that Coruscant doesn't care. He reminds Djarin that Karga is his friend. When Djarin asks about his motives, Teva warns that the New Republic has to know the Empire is growing back. Djarin asks if the Pirate King is connected to these Imperial elements. Teva says he doesn't know but reminds Djarin that his friend is in danger.

As Bo-Katan Kryze approaches Teva, the pilot climbs back into his X-wing. He promises not reveal the location of the covert before apologizing for intruding. After Teva leaves, Kryze asks Djarin about his thoughts. Djarin agrees that Teva is right and that he has to help Karga. Kryze reminds him that he can't do it alone.

The rousing speech[]

Inside the covert's cave, Djarin gives a speech to the assembled members of his clan while holding the hammer of The Armorer. He reminds them that Karga was a former enemy who experienced a change of heart and risked his own life to save his live as well as the life of his foundling Grogu. Grogu watches. Djarin petitions his clan for an intervention to rescue Nevarro before it is too late. Djarin says he is no position to ask them for help. As the Mandalorians murmur, Djarin reminds them that it was the Empire who decimated their covert rather than Karga's bounty hunters. Djarin explains that Karga is now the High Magistrate of Nevarro and has offered him a tract of land on the planet. He proposes that they relocate there so that they can live freely under the sunlight.

After Djarin's speech, the Armorer asks if anyone else wishes to speak. Paz Vizsla stands up and takes the hammer. He talks about seeing other Mandalorians fall at the hands of the Imperials on Nevarro, and asks why they should lay their lives down yet again. Vizsla says it is because they are Mandalorians, and that he will fight by Djarin and Kryze's side after they helped save his son Ragnar. Despite his disagreements with them, he vows to support them because they are leading the way to a brighter future. Vizsla leads the clan in chanting "This is the Way."

Mandalorians to the rescue[]

Bo planning Ch 21 MandS3

The once disgraced leader leads again.

Outside, Kryze briefs the Mandalorians about her Kom'rk-class fighter, which she intends to use to drop them into Nevarro City. She tells them that they needed to operate as a tight military unit. Kryze and Djarin will reinforce them from above. She hopes to use the element of surprise to defeat an enemy that outnumbers them. Continuing the briefing in hyperspace, she tells the warriors that King Shard is captaining a Cumulus Class Corsair, which carries a complement of snubfighters and has aerial strike capabilities. While Din Djarin's N-1 starfighter will distract the Corsair and her snubfighters, the rest of the Mandalorians will drop into the city. She emphasizes that Nevarro is an independent planet where they can live as heroes.

Meanwhile in Nevarro City, the pirates are pillaging the city and terrorising a bartender and the local Kowakian monkey-lizards. Several of them see Djarin's N-1 starfighter flying overhead. Djarin attacks Gorian Shard's corsair, damaging parts of the starship including the gun turrets. In response, Shard sends several Pirate Snub Fighters led by the Nikto Vane to pursue him. Watching from the ground, Karga thanks Djarin for his help. Djarin responds that he decided to accept his offer for a tract of land. Karga warns Djarin to be careful since the pirates have him outnumbered ten to one. Grogu sits on Djarin's lap throughout the dogfight.

After tricking two snub-fighters into colliding with each other, Djarin remarks that he likes these odds, which Karga agrees. With the Corsair distracted, Kryze flies her Gauntlet fighter over the city, allowing the Mandalorians to drop down to the surface. The first team descends into the city with their jetpacks. Several Anzellan mechanics watch as the Mandalorian clan members ambush several, kill and capture several pirates. Team Two moves towards the courtyard while Djarin leads the snubfighters over the Nevarro flats.

With the Corsair distracted, Kryze takes out one of the Corsair's engines, and Shard orders the snub-fighters to regroup for a counter-attack. Vane and the surviving snub-fighters abandon the attack. On the ground, Kowakian monkey-lizards warn the Mandalorians about a pirate ambush. The Mandalorians engage in a gun battle but are boxed in by pirates. Paz Vizsla arrives and with reinforcements and takes out several pirates with his heavy repeating blaster. A Trandoshan pirate mans a laser cannon emplacement and strafes the Mandalorians on the ground.

Vane and his snub-fighters pursue Kryze's starfighter. However, she runs circles around her pursuers and also inflicts damage on the Corsair, taking out a second engine and its deflector shields. Meanwhile, the Armorer ambushes several pirates who have holed themselves in Karga's office and takes them out with her hammer. She strikes the Trandoshan gunner last, causing him to fall off the balcony. With the sniper taken out, Vizsla leads the ground forces against the remaining pirates on the ground and drive them out of the city, where Karga and the Nevarro citizens trap them and force their surrender.


A captain goes down with his ship.

Following the loss of the second snub-fighter, Vane, piloting the only remaining snub-fighter, abandons the pirate crew. Shard yells at Vane, calling him a coward. Shard refuses to retreat and attempts to shoot at the citizens. Working together, Djarin and Kryze bring down his ship by targeting the Corsair's last engine. The Corsair explodes and the flaming wreckage crashes into the outskirts of Nevarro City in a large explosion.

After the battle, Karga and the townspeople celebrate while the surviving pirates are rounded up. Karga thanks the Mandalorians for liberating his city. Despite being on opposite sides in the past, Karga says that this is behind them. As High Magistrate, Karga cedes all land stretching from the western lava flats to Bulloch Canyon to the Mandalorians. While they no longer have a home planet, he tells them that they now have a home on Nevarro, to which the townsfolk cheer and celebrate.

Time to retake Mandalore[]

Following Karga's speech, Paz Vizsla tells Kryze that the Armorer wants to talk with her. Vizsla walks Kryze through the Nevarro sewer and into the Armorer's workshop. The Armorer compares the workshop forge to the Great Forge on Mandalore, commenting on how the two forges served the same purpose despite their difference in size. The Armorer then asks Kryze to remove her helmet. Kryze hesitates, as removing one's helmet goes against the Way of the Mandalore. The Armorer asks if Kryze respects her station, and again requests that she remove her helmet, and Kryze obliges.

The Armorer says that it is not enough for only a few to walk the Way, and that all Mandalorians must walk it together. Kryze expresses agreement. She notes Kryze's claim of seeing a Mythosaur and states it to be a sign of a new age for Mandalore. The Armorer tells Kryze that Mandalore must come together and that Kryze is the one who can unite the Mandalorians.

Bo Katan Kryze open helmet Ch 21 MandoS3

The one who walks both worlds.

The two return to the surface, Kryze still with her helmet off. Djarin, Grogu, and the other Mandalorians watch. The Armorer announces to the Tribe that Kryze will find other Mandalorians and bring them back with her. Vizsla questions Kryze showing her face but the Armorer defends her, saying that Kryze walks both worlds and that she can bring both tribes together. The Armorer announces that it is time to retake Mandalore.

A ghost ship[]


Captain Teva discovers the wrecked shuttle

As Captain Teva patrols through deep space, he comes across the remains of a Lambda-class T-4a shuttle. Teva contacts Lieutenant Reed to report the discovery. Reed confirms that there had been a report of a missing craft in the area, but that the details were classified. Teva asks his astromech droid R7 to send out a probe to inspect the damaged shuttle.

Reed checks the flight times of the craft and finds that they match those of the ship that was to transport Moff Gideon to his New Republic trial. Teva's probe discovers the bodies of several New Republic officers. Teva realizes that Gideon is missing and that he never made it to trial. While the probe goes deeper into the ship, it discovers a fragment of Beskar alloy embedded in the wall. This causes the pilots to question if Gideon could have been taken by Mandalorians.


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