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"Chapter 2: The Tribes of Tatooine" is the second episode of the television series The Book of Boba Fett. The episode was released on January 5, 2022.[1]

Official description[]

Boba Fett faces new challengers on Tatooine.

Plot summary[]

Interrogating the assassin[]

The episode opens with a high angle short of the rocky desert landscape outside Boba Fett's Palace. The camera zooms in on an armed Fennec Shand leading the captured assassin into the vacenous castle. The two walk though the giant blast gates into the throne room where Boba Fett holds court. Fett demands to know who sent him and what were his orders. The two Gamorrean guards and 8D8 stand in the background.

When the assassin refuses to speak, Fett orders one of the Gamorreans to behead him. Before the Gamorrean can slit his throat, the prisoner curses him in Huttese. Fett chastises the prisoner for being ungrateful that they spared his life. 8D8 explains that the prisoner is from the Order of the Night Wind, an assasin for hire. 8D8 says that there is no way the prisoner will talk, adding that he fears no man. Fett and Shand express disagreement.

Shand suggests that the prisoner will fear the rancor and presses a button that activates the trapdoor to the rancor's den. As the gates below open, the assassin panics and tells Fett and Shand that he was sent by the mayor of Mos Espa. He begs for his life. However, Shand reveals that the rancor's den is empty and decries the assassin. The only creature in the rancor's den is a small mouse. Shand suggests to Fett that they visit the mayor.

Visiting the mayor[]

Fett and Shand lead the captured assassin through the streets of Mos Espa, accompanied by the two Gamorreans. Their presence is noticed by several Trandoshans, who eye them. The group walk inside the town hall where Fett tells the City Hall clerk that he is here to see the mayor. When the receptionist asks if he has an appointment, Fett responds that he found one of his "stray pets" and that he is here to return it to his master. The receptionist tells him to wait but is overruled by the Twi'lek majordomo, who apologizes for the lack of pomp.

The majordomo claims that the mayor is indisposed for the rest of the week but Fett forces his way into the mayor's throneroom. The Ithorian mayor Mok Shaiz demands an explanation for Fett's unscheduled visit. The majordomo reminds Shaiz that Fett is the new Daimyo. Fett demands to know why the mayor sent the assassin to kill him. Shaiz explains that the assassin is a member of the Order of the Night Wind. When Fett asks the mayor if this is an admission, one of the mayor's guards shoots the assassin.

With the majordomo translating, Shaiz says that the Order of the Night Wind are not allowed to operate outside Hutt Space and thanks Fett for turning him in. He orders his guards to bring him his reward. Fett replies that he is not a bounty hunter but Shaiz says he heard otherwise. Shaiz remarks that Fett sits on the throne of his former employer, prompting Fett to respond that Bib Fortuna was not his employer. Shaiz clarifies that he was referring to Jabba.

Fett replies that he will take his payment as belated tribute. He adds that the mayor should remember that he serves as long as the Daimyo of Tatooine decides. Shaiz asks Fett to consider who really sent the Night Wind asssassins and claims that he has no motive for killing Fett. Shaiz tells Fett that he serves at his pleasure. Fett warns him that he is not a fool and those who have crossed him no longer breathe. As advice, Shaiz warns Fett that running a family is more complicated than bounty hunting. Shaiz tells him to go to Garsa Fwip's Sanctuary to get an idea of what he means.

Jabba's cousins[]

Fett and his entourage visit Garsa's Sanctuary, which is full of droids and patrons. Taking off his helmet, Fett meets with Garsa, who offers him a table. Fett explains that Mayor Mok Shaiz sent him here on the pretext that there is something that he should know. When Garsa gives a nervous look, Fett remarks that she is sweating like a gumpta on Mustafar. Garsa explains that "the Twins" have laid claim to their late cousin Jabba's bequest. Fett replies that he heard the Twins were preoccupied with Nal Hutta to bother with Tatooine.

The cantina grows silent as they hear drums beating in the background. Fett, Shand, and the Gamorreans walk outside to see a procession carrying two Hutts on a litter. As the litter approaches Fett's entourage, the Hutt brother tells Fett that they have business to discuss. Fett replies that this is his territory, prompting the Hutt brother to reiterate that this is Jabba's territory and now theirs. One of the drummers presents a tablet stating the Hutts' claim to Tatooine.

Fett rejects their claim, stating that he is the Daimyo of Mos Espa. The Hutts laugh, with the brother asking if this is so. An armed black Wookiee known as Krrsantan, who is armed with a heavy blaster, approaches Fett and his entourage. Fett is not intimidated, stating that these are not the death pits of Duur, and that he is not a sleeping Trandoshan guard. Fett replies that Mos Espa is his territory and tells them to go back to Nal Hutta. The Hutt sister speaks in Huttese. Her brother replies that Fett has upset his sister and that he is more patient than her, who wants to kill him.

As Shand and Krrsantan load their weapons, Fett explains that Jabba is gone and that his former majordomo Bib Fortuna usurped his territory. Since Fett killed him, all that belonged to Fortuna now belongs to him. Fett says that they will have to kill him for it. The two Hutt siblings speak. The Hutt brother says that bloodshed is bad for business and that this matter can be dealt with later, though he warns Fett to sleep lightly.

As the drummers beat their drums, the two Hutts withdraw. Krrsantan growls at Fett before walking away as well. Shand tells Fett that they will have to get permission to kill them since they are Hutts. Fett suggests that the matter is settled but accepts that it is not yet over.

Living with the Sandpeople[]

While Fett is resting inside his bacta tank, he experiences a flashback of his time with the Tusken Raiders. While a bantha plows the desert, he learns how to wield a gaderffii stick from a Tusken. The older Tusken teaches him to hold the stick properly before parrying. She knocks the staff out of Fett's hand before telling him to practice again. He asks the Tusken to show him. Other Tuskens search the desert sands for gourds.

While the two are practicing, a massiff finds a worrt in the desert. The worrt scurries into the desert with the Tuskens' massiff hounds in pursuit. A Tusken kills the worrt with a rifle. The massiffs feast on the creature. An animal's roar is heard in the background. The Tuskens take up position as an armored hovertrain approaches. Blaster bolts from the armored train take out a bantha and several Tusken Raiders. The train then rides away into the desert. Several Tuskens are killed and wounded by the gunners. Fett watches the Tuskens attending to their wounded and dead.

Executing justice[]

Later that night, the Tuskens cremate their fallen. Fett himself carries the remains of a young Tusken youth. His parents fling his remains over a fire. Fett is visibly troubled by the plight of the Tusken Raiders. He drinks from a black melon and watches several speeder bikes passing their encampment. Fett speaks to the tribal Elders, vowing to stop the train with a rifle and stick. He promises to be back by morning. The chief is skeptical Fett will succeed but lets him leave on his quest.

Fett travels to Tosche Station, which is frequented by the Nikto speed biker gang known as the Kintan Striders Gang. Among the patrons are Camie Marstrap and Laze Loneozner. One of the Kintan Striders snatches food from their table and drinks one of their drinks. Laze says "This is not right", prompting the Nikto to ask if he said something. Laze stands and repeats himself louder to Camie's dismay. The Kintan Striders grab and restrain Laze and Camie. One of the Niktos beats him with a stun baton. However, they are interrupted by Fett.

Fett walks into the cantina armed with a gaderffii stick and rifle. The Kintan Striders fetch melee weapons and attack Fett. Fett disarms one of his attackers. A second miner shoots at him but Fett shoots him first. Laze and Camie take the opportunity to leave. Fett fights the remaining gang members, wounding and killing some with his gaderffii stick. He hurls one more through a window before stopping to drink. Fett then exits the cantina and inspects their speeder bikes.

Training the Tusken Raiders[]

The following day, Fett leaves Tosche Station with several speeder bikes in tow. He returns to the Tusken Raiders' camp. His arrival initially unnerves the Tuskens, who grab their rifles and go into defensive position. The chief realizes that it is Fett and tells them to stand down. The chief welcomes Fett, who tells them that the bikes are a gift for them. The Tuskens attempt to dismantle the bikes but Fett tells them that he will teach them to ride so that they can stop the train.

Later, Fett teaches the Tusken Raiders how to operate the accelerators and brakes, likening the bikes to a bantha. A young Tusken tries out the speeder bike but reverses. Fett then leads the Tuskens on their first ride. The Tuskens initially struggle but learn how to operate the bikes. He also trains them how to leap from bikes and to signal using a mirror. Fett also teaches them how to accelerate their speeder bikes through the desert. The Tuskens get better with handling the bikes and leaping from their vehicles. Fett also continues practicing with the gaderffii stick and learns how to knock the weapon out of his opponents' hands.

Taking out the hovertrain[]

A Tusken sentry spots the approaching hovertrain. The Tuskens grab their weapons and jump on the speeder bikes. Others take up position in the desert. As the Tuskens in the trenches exchange fire with the Pyke gunners, Fett and other Tuskens riding speeder bikes pursue the train. A Tusken signals to other Tuskens lying in the hills. Hidden Tusken snipers shoot several of the gunners. Some of Tuskens on bikes manage to board the train but face resistance from the gunners. Some are killed.

Fett rescues one and uses a grappling hook to latch onto the hovertrain. He also kills one of the Pyke gunners. They jump across carriages and fight several of the emerging sentries. As they approach the train engine, the Pyke guards take up position and fire on the advancing Tuskens, taking down some. A Tusken rams her bike into one of the carriages, damaging one of the connectors. However, she fails to split the train's carriages. The driver droid accelerates the engine, causing the hovertrain to accelerate rapidly.

Still, she manages to board the train and proceeds to fight the Pyke gunners onboard, killing and throwing out several. She takes out the lead Pyke gunner and his companions. Realizing that the Tuskens are winning, the driver droid fires up the engine, causing a blast to knock off one of Fett's Tusken allies. Fett fights with more Pyke guards near the train engine. In the process, one of the Pykes is blasted by the engines and thrown to the ground, crushed to death by the carriages.

Fett forces his way into the train engine where he orders the driver droid to stop the vehicle. The spidery droid instead jumps out into the desert. Fett struggles to stop the train but finds the brakes. He uses his gaderffii stick to disable the ship's engines, causing it to brake in the desert. The Tuskens shout in victory before proceeding to loot the train of weapons and merchandise.

Several Tuskens guard the surviving captive Pyke gunners and guards. Fett demands to know who is the leader. The leading Pyke stands up and removes his mask. He asks Fett if he is going to kill them. Fett replies that it depends on how he answers his question. When Fett asks if he is carrying spice, the Pyke leader asks what he means by spice. Fett asks if he is carrying sansanna spice from the slave mines of Kessel. The Pyke leader asks what does spice look like. Just then, two Tuskens discover a crate of spice.

Fett replies this is not looking good for him. The Pyke leader says that they assumed that Tuskens were uncivilized raiders and says that they were just trying to protect their route. Fett replies that the Dune Sea is no longer free for the Pykes to pass since the Tuskens claim the territory as ancestral ground. He says that if they want to pass, a toll has to be paid to the Tuskens. He warns that any death dealt by traveling trains will be returned ten-fold. Fett orders the Pyke leader to return to the Pyke Syndicate with these new terms and adds that their lives are a gesture of their civility. He tells the Pykes to walk single file in the direction of the high sun, explaining that it will lead them to Anchorhead by sunset.

When the leader protests that they will be killed, Fett reassures him that he will be traveling under the protection of the Tuskens and that no harm will come to them. When the Pyke leader protests that they will die of thirst without the water car, Fett promises that they will each be given a black melon, stating that they will survive on its milk as these people do. The Pykes leave while the Tuskens plunder the water cart.

Rebirth and initiation[]

Later that night, the Tusken chief explains that since the oceans of Tatooine have dried up, they have stayed hidden. He says that the other tribes have survived by killing. Fett replies that they shouldn't have to hide since they are warriors. The Tusken chief replies that the offworlders have machines. Fett reassures him that they now have machines and that they know every grain of sand in the Dune Sea.

The Tusken chief gives Fett a gift, stating that he is a good guide. The gift turns out to be a lizard in a basket. The lizard climbs into Fett's nostrils. The chief explains that the lizard will guide him from inside his head. Fett's vision becomes blurry and his body convulses. He finds himself walking through the deserts of Tatooine and sees a vision of trees and oceans. There are creatures with red eyes. Fett also experiences flashbacks of climbing out through the maw of the sarlacc as well as his childhood on Kamino, watching his father leave on the Slave I. The vision ends with him emerging while the ocean roars.

The following day, Fett returns to the Tusken camp, where he is greeted by the young Tusken youth he befriended and his massiff. Fett is greeted by the Tusken chief and his followers. The lizard emerges from his nostrils. Fett remarks that he thought it was part of the dream. The Tusken chief asks him to show him a branch. Fett presents the branch from his night journey to the Tuskens. They lead him inside a tent where Tuskens clothe him with Tusken robes, scarves, and bandages.

The cloaked Fett emerges from the tent and faces his Tusken friends. The young Tusken walks beside him and the two head into the desert towards a wrecked site. One of the Tusken forges the branch into a new gaderffii stick. Fett helps him to carve the weapon, which is also heated in an oven. Pieces of metal are added to the gaderffii stick, giving it an armored plating. The metal is dipped into an oven.

Later that night, Fett presents his new gaderffii stick to the rest of the clan. He parries with the other Tuskens, who gather before a camp fire. They dance around the fire.


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