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"Chapter 3: The Streets of Mos Espa" is the third episode of the television series The Book of Boba Fett. The episode was released on January 12, 2022.[1]

Official description[]

Boba Fett must deal with two very different threats.

Plot summary[]

8D8's briefing[]

The episode opens with a B'omarr Order Brain walker skittering across the rocky desert outside Boba Fett's Palace on Tatooine. 8D8 briefs Boba Fett and Fennec Shand about the businesses that were under the protection of the "name that should not be spoken of". Fett tells him that he can name Jabba the Hutt, which the droid obliges. Fett reassures the droid that the Hutt is dead and that he cannot hurt him. 8D8 explains that he was concerned that his new master would feel insulted.

Fett is surprised and asks why. When 8D8 replies that Fett felt threatened, Fett expresses annoyance. 8D8 apologizes but Shand tells him to get back to business. 8D8 explains that following the "sail barge disaster", there was a power vacuum. Bib Fortuna assumed Jabba's mantle. Under Master Bib's watchful eye, Mos Espa was divided among three families. The Trandoshans took the city center while the Aqualish took the Worker's District and the Klatooinians took over the starport and the upper sprawl. Since Master Bib did not have Jabba's power, he relied on uneasy alliances to preserve his tribute and title.

8D8 also reveals that Bib has been lining the pockets of Mayor Mok Shaiz. When Fett asks where does that leave them, 8D8 explains that everyone is waiting to see what kind of leader he is. When Fett asks about the assassins, Shand explains that the Mayor has no power and believes that someone else is behind that play. Fett asks if it is the Hutts. Shand asks Fett if he wants her to ask around. Fett thinks that they should wait.

The water monger[]

Shortly later, one of the Gamorrean guards informs Fett and Shand that one of his vassals seeks an audience with him. Despite the lack of appointment, Fett allows the visitor to enter the throne room in order to find out what is going on. The visitor turns out to be Lortha Peel, a water-monger in the Worker's District. When 8D8 asks what is his petition to Lord Fett, Peel explains that nobody respects him. 8D8 takes offense but Fett allows Peel to speak.

Peel explains that ever since Lord Fortuna's death, the streets of Mos Espa has turned into chaos. Fett replies that this is new to him. Peel vouches that this is true and says that he is insulted on Fett's behalf at the disrespect that these "urchins" are showing him following the assassination attempt. Shand says that they will look into it and waves for the Gamorreans to escort Peel out.

Peel then talks about his petition. He explains that a street gang of youths has been stealing his inventory, something that has not happened under the previous Daimyos. Peel says that he is insulted on Fett's behalf. Fett asks if his inventory is water. Peel agrees and explains that he broker sales on behalf of the vapor farmers. Fett says that he grew up surrounded by water, prompting Peel to say that Tatooine was once covered entirely in water.

When Fett asks about the gang, Peel explains that they are half man and half machine, stating that they modify their bodies with droid parts to make themselves even more deadly. Peel petitions Fett to purge the streets of Mos Espa of this "scourge" in return for doubling his tribute.

Recruiting the youths[]

Later that night, Fett, Shand, and their Gamorrean bodyguards walk through the streets of Mos Espa. They walk pass two Jawa merchants. They approach a group of cybernetic human youths chatting by a fire. Fett demands to know where they got their water. A female human named Drash replies that they stole it. Fett replies that theft is a crime. A male named Skad replies that Peel charges exorbitant prices. Fett tells them to farm the water themselves.

Drash tells Fett to return to his palace. Fett warns her to watch her tongue, reminding her that he is the Daimyo of this district and vows to bring order. The girl dismisses him as a crime boss. Skad asks Fett why he allowed the water-monger to charge them a month's wage for one week's worth of water. The girl adds that they don't have any wage. Fett replies that they live in the worker's district and that they should be working. The girl replies that there is no work and tells Fett to look around. Fett approaches the gang and removes his helmet. He tells the youths that they will instead work for him. He warns that they better fight as good as they talk.

Lortha Peel is upset that Fett has not punished the youths, claiming that they stole from him and that he is letting them off. When Fett asks how much they owe him, Peel replies that they owe 1,300 credits for water. Fett tells Shand to give him back 500 credits. Peel protests but Fett tells him to take the money and consider the matter resolved if he wants to continue to do business in his territory. Fett suggests that he can move to Mos Eisley if he doesn't like it. Fett also warns him to cut his prices.

Fett tells the youths to gather up their gear and follow him. Shand backs him up and the youths depart on their speeder bikes. Peel walks away.


Outside of Jabba's Palace, a Scurrier is captured by a winged creature, which is in turn swallowed by a Worrt. Inside Fett's bacta tank, he experiences a flashback watching his father Jango Fett depart on the Slave I in Tipoca City. The younger Fett gazes into the skies.

The scene then moves on to Fett riding a bantha among his Tusken Raider tribe. The Tuskens watch him with a sense of respect. Fett rides into the desert into Mos Eisley. He asks two Jawas where the Pykes do their business in Mos Eisley. As the Jawas jabber in their language, Fett rides on his bantha through the town, past spikes of stormtrooper helmets. Peli Motto can be seen in the background leading three DUM-series pit droids.

Fett tethers his bantha outside a building guarded by two Pykes. Fett states that he has business with the Pyke Syndicate. The Pykes admit him into the building. Fett walks down the stairs and meets with the Pyke leader, who has received his message. The Pyke leader explains that protection arrangements are all part of doing business in the Outer Rim Territories. Fett says that he will take payment and be on his way.

The Pyke replies that he has spoken with his superiors on Oba Diah, who are unwilling to pay protection to more than one party. Fett replies that he is collecting on behalf of the Tuskens of the Dune Sea. The Pyke leader responds that the Kintan Striders have already collected protection money for the same territory that he lays claim to. Fett replies that they don't need to pay protection to that speeder bike gang since the Sandpeople far outnumber them. Fett says that the sands have belonged to the Tuskens since the oceans of Tatooine have dried.

The Pyke leader says that they are willing to do business with either party but that they do not want to be taken advantage of by paying money to both. The Pyke tells Fett that he hopes he understands. Fett vows to resolve this and says that he will not hear from the Nikto sand flyers again. The Pyke says that he looks forward to their partnership.

Fett rides across the Dune Sea on his bantha to return to his Tusken camp. As he approaches the encampment, he notices flames in the distance. Fett walks on foot to the Tusken village only to find that the clan has been slaughtered. He discovers burnt tents and several fallen banthas. While surveying the destruction, he finds the remains of Tuskens lying on the ground. Fett also recognizes the marking of a gang that he had encountered earlier on Tatooine. Fett cremates the remains of his Tusken friends before recovering his Gaderffii stick. After paying his respects to the dead, Fett rides away on his bantha.

The Wookiee assassin[]

Fett is woken up from his sleep by the Wookiee Krrsantan who drags him out of the bacta tank. Fett fights back but the Wookiee gains the upper hand and throws him around. Krrsantan also strikes him with his paws. Fett grabs a melee stick and fights back but the Wookiee throws him around. Krrsantan lifts him up. Fett attempts to poke his eye but Krrsantan bites him. Before the Wookiee can finish off Fett, the female youth he recruited stabs Krrsantan from behind.

The youths surround the Wookiee. One of them hurls electric nunchuks around one of his arms but Krrsantan brushes it off. The youths shoot at him but their blasters bounce off his half hide. Fett hits the Wookiee but Krrsantan brushes off his attack. The two Gamorreans attempt to intervene but the Wookiee charges at them and jumps on top of them, pushing them down the stairs. They fight in the throne room. Krrsantan throws one of the Gamorreans to the ground and bites the other.

Before he can finish them off, the youths converge on the Wookiee. Shand then appears and tells the youths to stay back as she activates the trapdoor, causing Krrsantan to slide in. The Wookiee tries to hold on with one his paws but Shand dislodges his paw with a knife, causing the Wookiee to fall down into the former rancor's pit. Shand tends to the wounded Gamorrean while Fett arrives. Fett tells Shand to get the wounded Gamorrean into his bacta tank. Fett and his forces watch Krrsantan growling from his cage.

The Hutt twins[]

Later, an R5-series astromech droid serves Fett and Shand food for a lavish banquet. Fett dismisses the droid to aid with the patrol. Shand tells him that he is the head of the family and he should enjoy the trappings. Fett replies that he needs to respond because everyone is watching and waiting for him to make the next move. Shand advises him to have some food but Fett says he has to send a message.

Shand replies that he already did. She explains that his enemies sent Krrsantan to kill him and that the Wookiee is now locked up in his dungeon. Shand advises Fett to show his hand. Fett replies that these are Hutts and that waiting will only give them the opportunity to strike again. 8D8 interrupts the banquet with news that "the Twins" have arrived with a gift. Shand smirks.

Fett orders that the gates of Jabba's former palace be open. He and Shand walk out to meet the Twins, who are being carried on a litter by several servants dressed in white and red. The Hutt brother says they have come to apologize. The Hutt sister admits that they sent Krrsantan to kill Fett. The brother claims they are sorry and offers a gift as restitution. This gift turns out to be a bound rancor, which is being carried on a repulsorlift sled. The creature is accompanied by a human rancor keeper.

Fett tells them to clear off Tatooine in return for considering a truce. The Hutt sister agrees but for a different reason. She tells him that there is something he should know. The Hutt brother explains that they had been lied to since Jabba's territory was promised to another criminal syndicate. When Fett asks who it was promised by, the Hutt sister explains that it was promised by Mayor Mok Shaiz. The Hutt brother says that the pair will be returning to Nal Hutta since the Hutts do not want war. The sister says that war is bad for business.

A Gamorrean guard leads the bound Krrsantan. Fett offers to release the Wookiee if they renounce all claims to Jabba's legacy on Tatooine. The Hutt brother says that they are leaving Tatooine and advises Fett to do the same. The sister describes Tatooine as a worthless rock and proposes selling the Wookiee back to the gladiators. The Hutt brother describes the Wookiee as their tribute to Fett. The Hutts depart with their entourage.

Fett orders the Gamorrean guard to release the Wookiee while Shand points a gun at him. Fett speaks to the Wookiee, telling him that he has no hard feelings and states that it is just business. Fett advises Krrsantan not to work for criminals in the future. Krrsantan growls in Shyriiwook before running away. Shand asks Fett to consider if releasing Krrsantan was a good idea. Fett replies that they had to choose between releasing or killing him. When Shand asks if he believes what the Hutts are saying, Fett responds that he has no reason to believe them. He reasons that they will benefit from their enemies fighting one another.

The new rancor[]

Shand offers to arrange a meeting with the mayor. She describes the rancor as "quite" a gift. The creature is housed in the lair of Jabba's former rancor Pateesa. Fett asks why the creature just lies there. The rancor keeper explains that the rancor is depressed and explains that they emotionally complex creatures. When he asks why it wears blinders, the keeper explains that the creature is a calf bred for fighting. The keeper explains that he saved this creature for himself to train. He adds that it imprints itself on the first human that it sees. Now that Fett has arrived, he will being its training.

Fett asks for permission to approach the rancor. The keeper says that rancors are peaceful unless they are threatened. Fett strokes the creature, prompting the keeper to notice that he likes it. Fett decides to spend more time with the rancor. The rancor keeper encourages him, saying that rancors can become very loving. Fett had assumed that they were bred to fight. The keeper explains that they are powerful fighters and that is what most people know.

He explains that the creatures form strong bonds with their owners. The Witches of Dathomir were said to have ridden them through the forests and fens. Fett says he wants to learn how to ride this rancor, saying that he has ridden beasts ten times its size. The rancor keeper warns that it will take a tremendous amount of discipline. He agrees to begin the lesson today.

The rancor keeper tells Fett to stand before the creature while he removes the harness from its mouth. Fett makes eye contact with the creature, which also makes eye contact with him. Fett approaches the creature and strokes its chin while making eye contact with him. 8D8 interrupts with news that Mayor Mok Shaiz's office says that he will be unavailable for the next 20 days. Fett tasks the rancor keeper with feeding the rancor a whole ronto carcass from the larder. He senses that the creature is hungry. Fett tells 8D8 to inform Shand to suit up since they will not be waiting for an appointment. The rancor keeper reassures the rancor that Fett will be back.

The runaway majordomo[]

Fett, Shand and the gang of youths ride to the Mayor of Mos Espa's office to confront Mok Shaiz. Fett and Shand walk inside the office and meet with the majordomo. The majordomo explains that the Mayor's schedule is quite complicated. Shand warns him to be careful with his next words if he wants to breathe. She fingers her blaster. The majordomo offers to rearrange his appointments and retreats into the mayor's office. The majordomo locks the door to the throneroom.

Fett and Shand follow only to find it empty and deserted. The two rejoin their gang of youths. The majordomo flees in a landspeeder and Shand sends the youths after him on their speeder bikes. They chase the majordomo through the streets of Mos Espa. They avoid a protocol droid but knock over a repulsorlift cart being drawn by an astromech droid. As the pursuit continues, the majordomo's speeder whacks a pit droid and topples a stand full of fruits. He also topples more objects including a tank of water.

Led by the female youth Drash, the youths outflank the majordomo. Two of them scrape his landspeeder. As the pursuit continues, a male youth rides his speeder bike through two pedestrians carrying a painting of Jabba before crashing into a picnic table. The majordomo slams into a droid rickshaw carrying two Bith passengers, terrifying them. Drash manages to ride her bike over a building before landing on the majordomo's landspeeder. He crashes into a stand full of meiloorun fruits. Fett and the youths converge on the Majordomo.

The Majordomo reveals that the Mayor is working with the Pykes and that he has gone. Fett asks is he. Later, a starliner carrying several passengers include a large entourage of Pykes lands at Mos Espa's spaceport. Skad is watching the Pykes and rides his bike to a holobooth. He tells Fett and Shand that he saw a dozen at least. Fett thanks him for his good work and tells the youth to keep an eye on them. Fett quips that it is just an expression, noticing Skad's cybernetic right eye. Skad tells him that he doesn't have to be sorry since he paid a lot for his cybernetic eye. Shand tells him to let him know what he sees. Shand warns Fett that these are just the first wave and that they are going to war. Fett vows that they will be ready.


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Notes and references[]

Temuera Morrison and Danny Trejo on set

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