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"You are a Mandalorian no more."
―The Armorer, to Din Djarin[5]

"Chapter 5: Return of the Mandalorian" is the fifth episode of the television series The Book of Boba Fett. The episode was released on January 26, 2022.[1]

Official description[]

An unexpected ally emerges.

Plot summary[]

Fight in the abattoir[]

The episode opens with several Klatooinian butchers working in an abattoir, where animal flesh hangs. The Mandalorian bounty hunter known as Din Djarin strides into the abattoir, walking past several Klatooinian workers. He enters into a makeshift office where he states that he is looking for Kaba Baiz. When one of the Klatooinians asks what makes him thinks he is here, Djarin presents a tracking fob.

When the alien asks why he wants Kaba Baiz, Djarin replies that Baiz owes someone with a lot of money. The alien asks who but Djarin says that his only business is to bring in the target. The same Klatooinian says that if he sees him, he will let him know. However, Djarin replies that he sees him now before presenting a hologram image of Baiz. The Klatooinian denies that he is Kaba Baiz, despite the fact that the hologram is showing his image.

Djarin tells the other Klatooinian butchers that he is going to give them the opportunity to walk out the door, adding that he has no quarrel with them. Baiz replies that the others are not going anywhere and believes that he has the upper hand. Baiz attempts to negotiate with Djarin. Djarin replies that he can either bring him in warm or cold. One of the Klatooinians bites Djarin's hand but the Mandalorian hunter fights him off.

More Klatooinians converge on him but Djarin fights them off as well. The Klatooinians fire blaster bolts but Djarin unsheathes the Darksaber, which he uses to cut down several opponents. During the struggle, Djarin accidentally wounds himself in the leg while pulling the saber from an impaled thug. Two of the Klatooinians attempt to restrain him while Baiz prepares to shoot him. However, Djarin breaks free and uses the Darksaber to cut down his captors. Baiz charges at him while shooting, but Djarin stabs him with a vibro-knife and pins him down to the desk. He then slices Baiz in half with the Darksaber, slicing through the table as well.

One of the Klatooinians runs out into the abattoir. Several Klatooinians gather outside the office as Djarin emerges with Baiz's head in a bag. Djarin tells them that their boss is dead and that he is here to collect on his bounty. He tells the Klatooinians that he has no trouble with any of them. Djarin explains that there is a pile of New Republic credits in there that he has no right to. He offers them the loot if they let him pass. The Klatooinians clear a path for Djarin before heading into the office to claim the credits for themselves. Djarin walks out of the abattoir with a limp.

Djarin's reward[]

Soon after, Din Djarin is found limping through the streets of the large ringworld megastructure, Glavis Ringworld. Still carrying Baiz's head, Djarin enters the turbolift with a Caskadag inside. The lift takes Djarin up a hallway, which leads to a meeting room. An Ishi Tib compliments Djarin for his fast work. Djarin demands his reward and the information that he promised. The Ishi Tib asks why he is rushing business but Djarin insists on getting straight to business.

The Ishi Tib invites Djarin to dine with him and his associates. Djarin asks where is the closest shaft to the sub-strata. The Ishi Tib insists that Djarin sit and feast with them or he will reveal nothing. The Mandalorian replies that he can keep his reward, adding that there is a bounty on Baiz and that if he doesn't give him the information, someone else will. The Ishi Tibe relents and tells Djarin to head down to Kolzoc Alley by the heat vent towers. Djarin sighs and prepares to leave.

The Ishi Tib urges Djarin to sit because he has another job for him. Djarin turns down his offer, telling him to put it on ice. Djarin walks back to the hallway and takes a ride down the turbolift. While on the lift, he briefly examines the Darksaber-induced burn on his left upper thigh. Djarin walks out of the lift down a hallway. He walks under a railway bridge. Djarin activates his built-in scanner. Through the ultraviolet scanner in his helmet, he finds that the walls are lined with several hidden mythosaur markings.


Following the trail, Djarin enters a hatch which leads down a stairwell beneath Glavis. Following the trail, he encounters the Armorer, who tells the other members of the tribe to tend to him. Paz Vizsla tends to Djarin's leg injury, saying that he did not know if he would see him again. Djarin thanks Vizsla for saving him on Nevarro, as he shudders in pain. Djarin apologizes for the Tribe's sacrifice. Vizsla responds that there are only three of them left. Vizsla applies bacta spray to Djarin's wound and remarks that they will put him back to work soon enough.

The Armorer asks to see the weapon which had caused the wound. Djarin reveals to them the Darksaber. Per her command, Vizsla brings the weapon to the Armorer. Alluding to the ancientness of the blade, the Armorer mocks the Galactic Empire's measly thirty-year existence in comparison to the Mandalorians' ten thousand. The Armorer asks if Djarin knows of the Darksaber and its significance. He recalls its name and that whoever wields it can lead all of Mandalore. The Armorer clarifies that the Darksaber must be won by Creed in battle.

The Armorer tells of a legend where one warrior is to defeat twenty, thereby bringing the multitudes to fall before it. However, she warns, if the saber is not won in combat, and/or falls into the hands of the "undeserving", the Darksaber will become a curse unto the nation—"Mandalore will be laid to waste and its people [will be] scattered to the four winds".

Djarin rises to his feet with difficulty and states that the hilt is of a quality of beskar that he has never seen before. The Armorer explains that the Darksaber was forged over a millennium ago by the Mand'alor Tarre Vizsla. She explains that Tarre was both Mandalorian and Jedi. When Djarin says that he has met a Jedi, the Armorer responds that he has then completed his quest. She invites him to join their covert in order to rebuild. They all state "this is the way." Djarin and Vizsla assemble the smelter. When Vizsla asks where did he come upon the Darksaber, Djarin replies that he defeated Moff Gideon. Vizsla asks if he killed him. Djarin says he didn't, but Gideon was sent off to the New Republic for interrogation where he will face justice for his crimes.

Vizsla opines that death would have been a fitting punishment for his atrocities. The Armorer agrees, saying that the blood of millions of Mandalorians is on his hands. Djarin says that then Gideon will be executed for his crimes by the New Republic Tribunal. The Armorer replies that they will see. She then talks about the songs of the past prophesying of the rise of the mythosaur to herald a new age of Mandalore. She opens a cupboard which leads to a cabinet containing several beskar sticks.

The beskar spear[]

The Armorer asks Djarin how he obtained the beskar spear. Djarin explains that he obtained it from a Jedi and says that he used it to defeat Moff Gideon. The Armorer says that the beskar spear can pierce beskar armor and that its mere existence puts the Mandalorians at risk. She opines that Mandalorian steel is meant for armor rather than weapons. Djarin requests that she forge the spear into armor. The Armorer picks up the spear and opines that the Darksaber is a more noble weapon for Djarin to wield.

The Armorer puts the beskar spear on top of the smelter. Djarin takes a seat and asks if she is familiar with Bo-Katan Kryze. The Armorer describes Kryze as a cautionary tale while pouring liquid from a tube into a container. Kryze wanted to rule Mandalore based purely on blood and the Darksaber. The Armorer points out that it was gifted to her and not won by Creed. Kryze was born of a mighty house but lost sight of the way. The Armorer says that her rule ended in tragedy, stating that Kryze lost her way while the Mandalorian people lost their homeworld.

The beskar spear is melted down. The Armorer says had their sect not been cloistered on the moon of Concordia, they would not have survived the Great Purge. In a flashback scene, TIE/sa bombers bomb the cities of Mandalore with weapons of mass destruction. The Armorer says that those born of Mandalore strayed from the path. Eventually the Imperial interlopers destroyed all that they knew and loved in the Night of a Thousand Tears. TIE bombers bomb Sundari, destroying it in a firestorm. KX-series security droids and Viper probe droids then scoured the ruins for survivors.

The Armorer says that only those who walked the "Way" escaped the "curse" prophesied in the Creed. Though their numbers were scattered to the winds, she opines that their adherence to the Way has preserve their legacy for generations until they can return to their homeworld. When the Armorer asks what she should forge, Djarin suggests something for a foundling. The Armorer replies this is the way. Djarin then adds that he wants the beskar forged into something for Grogu. The Armorer replies that Grogu is no longer in his care and is back with his kind.

Djarin replies that he wants to see him and make sure he is safe. The Armorer says that Jedi must forgo all attachment in order to master the ways of the Force. Djarin replies that the Jedi Code is the opposite of their creed, which emphasizes loyalty and solidarity. The Armorer asks what she should forge for Grogu. She melts and beats the beskar into links of chain.

The duel[]

Later, the Armorer practises sword-fighting with Djarin, who wields the Darksaber. Djarin jumps off the platform, prompting the Armorer to warn that he is fighting a blade. Djarin resurfaces and says that the Darksaber is getting heavier each minute. The Armorer reasons that this is because he is fighting against the blade. She says that he should be fighting his opponent and tells Djarin to stand up. Djarin rises to his feet and continues parrying with the Armorer, who knocks his helmet. She fights back with her tools.

Gaining the upper hand, the Armorer tells Djarin that he is too weak to fight against the Darksaber and cautions him not to fight against it. She tells him that he cannot control it with his strength. Djarin wants to try again but the Armorer warns that persistence without insight will lead to the same outcome. She warns Djarin that his body is strong but that his mind is distracted. Djarin claims the is focused but the Armorer says that the blade says otherwise. Djarin thinks that the blade belongs to someone else, a sentiment shared by Vizsla who says that the sword was forged by his ancestor, the founder of House Vizsla.

Djarin says that it now belongs to him. Vizsla replies because Djarin won it in combat. Vizsla vows to win the Darksaber from Djarin. The Armorer asks Djarin if he agrees to this duel. Djarin accepts Vizsla's challenge. The two men face each other and put aside their jetpacks. Djarin unsheathes the Darksaber while Vizsla wields a vibro-knife and a shield projector. Vizsla attacks Djarin first, bashing him with his weapons. Djarin fights back and destroys Vizsla's dagger.

Despite losing his weapons, Vizsla is able to stand his ground and throws Djarin off the bridge. He then hurls Djarin against a wall. Vizsla grabs the weapon and states that fate has brought this blade back to his clan. Vizsla vows to end Djarin but the Mandalorian is able to dodge his bigger opponent. They fight around a tubular device. Djarin gains the upper hand and holds Vizsla's throat at knife point. The Armorer orders an end to the duel.

Outcast and voyage to Tatooine[]

She asks Vizsla if he has ever removed his helmet. Vizsla confirms that he has never removed his helmet. She asks if his helmet has ever been removed by others. When Vizsla says no, she says that this is the way. She then asks Djarin if he has ever removed his helmet. Djarin is silent, prompting the Armorer to state that by creed he must vow. Djarin releases Vizsla before confirming that he has removed his helmet. The Armorer responds that means that he is no longer a Mandalorian.

Djarin begs for forgiveness and asks how he can atone. Vizsla tells him to leave, calling him an apostate. According to Creed, one can only be redeemed in the Living Waters beneath the mines of Mandalore. Djarin replies that all the mines have been destroyed. The Armorer replies that this is the way. Djarin departs with the Darksaber and Grogu's gift. He exits through the hatch he came in from earlier and walks alone through the streets of the ring city.

Djarin heads to the spaceport where "Flight 1020" is departing for a non-stop flight to Tatooine at gate number one. An RX-Series pilot droid tells Djarin that no weapons are permitted aboard the flight. Djarin replies that he is a Mandalorian and that weapons are part of his religion. The droid responds that weapons are not allowed on commercial flights. He suggests that Djarin speak with his supervisor and offers to book him on tomorrow's flight. The Djarin places his blaster pistol, whistling birds, vibro-knife, whipcord, bandoliers, and the Darksaber into a check-in luggage crate. He warns the droid that he knows everything inside before climbing aboard the gangplank.

The passenger liner departs into space. Din Djarin rests in the passenger lounge while looking out a window. An R4-series astromech droid with grey and white markings moves down the aisle. A Rodian child in the seat at front of him waves to him but the child's mother tells her son to leave him alone. Djarin looks at the cloth containing Grogu's chainmail.

The passenger liner lands at Mos Eisley's spaceport on the planet Tatooine. Several passengers disembark. An RX-series bell droid welcomes him to Tatooine. Djarin retrieves his check-in luggage, which contains all his weapons intact. The droid wishes him a pleasant stay on Tatooine and hopes to see him again.

The N-1 fighter[]

At Peli Motto's Hangar 3-5, a womp rat grabs BD-72. Peli and her droids, including three DUM-series pit droids, a WED-15 Treadwell droid, and R5-D4 pursue the womp rat. She and Peli argue about democracy. Peli closes in on the womp rat within the storehouse. The womp rat grabs her and attempts to drag her away. However, Djarin shoots the creature dead. BD emerges from hiding while Peli introduces Mando to her droids.

She asks Djarin if he is here to slay a dragon. Djarin replies that he received her message that she had found a replacement for the Razor Crest. Peli confirms that she has found the ship, stating that this is what she does. She asks if he has cash, which he confirms. She counts the money and tells the droids to make themselves useful. When Peli asks about Grogu, Djarin replies that he returned him to his "own kind." Peli grumbles, saying that she could have made money from "that thing" by opening a petting zoo.

Peli leads Djarin into a hangar where a starship is covered under tarpaulin. She removes the tarpaulin to reveal a modified N-1 starfighter. Djarin asks where is the Razor Crest, prompting Peli to clarify that she never said she had a Razor Crest but rather a replacement for the ship. Djarin is disappointed with the condition of the ship and tries to walk away. Peli tells him that this is an N-1 starfighter, handmade for the Naboo Royal Guards and commissioned personally by the Queen of Naboo. Djarin thinks that the ship is a piece of junk.

When Djarin asks for his money back, Peli says "no skin off my dip-swap." She tells the droids to bring Djarin his money. While waiting, Peli tells Djarin to hear her out over the Nabooian starfighter. She says that she was still working on the ship when Djarin arrived, adding that it has a story. She discovers a nest of scurriers. Peli tells Djarin about the difficult time she had in sourcing parts for a ship made during the time of the Galactic Republic. She offers to incorporate custom modifications that will make the starship faster than a fathier.

Peli tells Djarin that since this ship was made before the Empire, she is off the grid. Peli adds that the N-1 cruiser can also jump into hyperspace without a docking ring. Peli convinces Djarin to let her put the ship together before he makes a decision to cancel the purchase.

Later, Djarin works with the BD unit to restore the N-1 starfighter. The droids shines a light on the undercarriage of the ship. Peli returns with a turbonic venturi power assimilator, which she says will make his ship the fastest in the Outer Rim Territories. When Djarin asks where she got it from, Peli replies that she got the power assimilator from the Jawas. Djarin asks where they got the technology from. Peli replies that Tatooine is a "garden of many bounties" and that she gave them a list of parts. When Djarin inquires, Peli says that she practices a policy of "don't ask, don't tell." In return, she lets them pick parts from her dumpster.

The Jawa associates[]

Peli introduces Djarin to her Jawa associates. Djarin asks that if he gets them a list of parts, will they help him. Peli converses with the Jawas in Jawaese. She tells Djarin to make a wish list and the Jawas will see what is available. Djarin replies that he is looking for mainly bolt-on aftermarket speed modifications. Since the starship is hand-built, he reasons that they will need a vintage hyperware that can fit into this antique ship. Peli advises him not to worry about the shape and size and tells him to get the parts that he needs. Peli reassures him that she has dated a Jawa and knows what she is doing. She sends the Jawas to find the parts.

Peli and Djarin continue work on the ship while the pit droids help with the refurbishment. While working on the ship, she chats with Djarin, observing that he is always in a hurry. Peli admits that she has never left Tatooine, describing herself as a local "gal." Djarin observes that their vapor manifold is missing but she opines that Djarin does not need it. Peli replies that she has fabricated the intake charger to ensure that it doubles his output coefficient. Djarin replies that it will blow the shaft out of his motivator block. Peli replies she is reinforcing his compression housing, which she shows him how to access by pressing a red button.

Peli uses her MPH power droid to help charge of the ship. Djarin thanks BD unit for his help. Peli asks if Djarin is interested in how she got the N-1 ship, prompting him to reply that he is interested in a ship similar to the Razor Crest. Peli grumbles that this ship is harder to come by than a Razor Quest. Working together, Djarin, Peli, and the droids begin covering the N-1's hull. The Jawas return with a cryogenic density combustion booster.

Djarin asks where they got it from. The Jawas explained that they stole it from a Pyke spice runner that was refueling. Djarin thinks that this was a gutsy move given the fearsome reputation of the Pyke Syndicate. Peli tells Djarin that the Pykes control the spice trade and rule Tatooine through terror. Even law enforcement are afraid of them. Djarin thanks the Jawas and pays them. Peli thinks Djarin is spoiling them before installing the combustion booster.

The test flight[]

The silver N-1 fighter leaves the hangar. The pit droids drive it out into the open. Peli is impressed with their workmanship. When Djarin asks what happened to the astromech socket, Peli replies that she removed it since she was aware of his earlier aversion for droids. While Peli reprimands R5-D4 for his foul language, Djarin inspects the N-1 fighter and opines that the ship is ready. Peli agrees and allows Djarin to start up the ship.

He climbs into the cockpit and attempts to fire up the ship. The first attempt falters but Djarin pours in more juice at Peli's prompting. Djarin opines that the ship is overpowered for its size but Peli reassures him that it is safe. Djarin takes the N-1 fighter into the air. He engages the ship's forward drive and flies above Mos Eisley. While Djarin flies, Peli tells him that he is used to flying a gunship but to treat the new ship like a starfighter.

He accelerates the ship's engine and flies through several rocky formations. Djarin tells Peli that the ship is fast. While he is testing the N-1 starfighter's maneuverability, Peli tells him to point his navigational disposition between Tatooine's twin suns, which will lead him to Beggar's Canyon. Djarin also tests the ship's handling, which he likens to a railspeeder. After traveling through Beggar's Canyon, Djarin takes the ship into space.

The New Republic patrol[]

Djarin flies beside the space liner. The Rodian child he encountered earlier notices the starship and stares out the window. Djarin flies circles around the space liner before descending back to Tatooine. He is soon intercepted by two New Republic X-wing starfighters. The pilot Reed asks Djarin to run his beacon for him. Djarin asks if he was doing anything wrong. Reed replies that he is not allowed to fly that fast near a commercial ship and that he is also operating without a beacon. He tells Djarin that he needs him to run one for them.

Djarin apologizes and transmits his beacon. Reed observes that his engine model doesn't match his power drive. Djarin replies that he just built the ship and was taking her for a test flight. He says that he hasn't been able to update his registration. Reed requests that he transmit his title tabs. Djarin says that his transmitter is not working and offers to return to Mos Eisley to get it fixed. Reed tells him to relinquish his flight controls for remote-control access. The second New Republic pilot Carson Teva tells Reed to cancel that order since they can let Djarin go with a warning this time.

Djarin thanks Teva and says he will take care of the matter. Teva notices his voice is familiar and asks if he used to fly a Razor Crest. Djarin replies that he has the wrong guy. Teva responds that the Razor Crest surfaced on a transponder log on Nevarro in an incident involving Imperial remnants. Teva says that he is "connecting some dots" and asks Djarin if he minds answering a few questions. Djarin instead powers away and hurtles towards Tatooine.

Reed asks Teva how did Djarin jump without powering up his hyperdrives. Teva points out that Djarin was using his sublight thrusters. Since Reed can't detect Djarin on their sensors, Teva thinks they should let Djarin go to avoid filling reports all day.

Reunion with Fennec Shand[]

Djarin returns to Peli's hangar and tells her that he is impressed with the ship. Peli is pleased with the performance of the J-type pulse engines. She tells him that an "old friend" of his dropped by. Not trusting the person, Peli had locked her out and engaged the hangar security system. When Djarin asks what her name was, they hear Fennec Shand's voice on the intercom. Peli is surprised, believing that the hangar security system was activated.

Shand manages to scale the hangar's walls and climbs down using several pieces of machinery. While Peli is scolding her droids, Shand asks Djarin if he is looking for work. Djarin is interested and Shand tosses him a bag of credits, saying that the pay is good. When Djarin asks what is the bounty, Shand explains that Boba Fett would appreciate some muscle. Djarin returns the bag, saying that it is "on the house." He agrees to the job offer but says that he will first have to visit a "little friend."


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