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"Chapter 6: From the Desert Comes a Stranger"[2] is the sixth episode of the television series The Book of Boba Fett was written by series executive producers Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni.[1] It was released on February 2, 2022.[2]

Official description[]

Mysteries are explored and Boba Fett learns information.

Plot summary[]

The Marshal of Mos Pelgo[]

The episode opens with a wide shot of several moisture vaporators, with a group of Pyke Syndicate couriers meet beneath them. The Pyke courier says that it is all there. A Pyke guard replies that they will leave the spice and take the credits back to Mos Eisley and that the rest will follow. The Pykes are confront by a middle aged human mle named Cobb Vanth, who asks if they know where they are.

One of the Pykes reaches for the blaster in his holster but Vanth urges him to think it through. Vanth offers to give them the benefit of the doubt and say that they are lost. He warns that everything beyond them are the Mos Pelgo territories. He shows them his stripes, which indicates that he is the marshal of those territories. Vanth tells the Pykes that he is in charge of the folks in the Mos Pelgo area.

Vanth states that he did not see what was in their chest, meaning no laws were broken as far as he was concerned. Vanth gives them the opportunity to load up their wares and to return where they came from. However, the Pykes reject his offer and reach for their blasters, with three then being gunned down by Vanth. He gives the fourth one the opportunity to surrender.

Vanth tells the fourth Pyke enforcer to tell them that he is aware of the Syndicate and tells him to take credits back with him. He warns that anyone getting lost running spice through Mos Pelgo again will be lost forever. He tells the the Pyke to unload his chest and leave, and to consider it a fine for trespassing. The Pyke says the contents of the chest is worth more than his town. Vanth replies that he will consider retiring. He watches as the Pyke mounts the landspeeder and leaves with a Camtono of credits, leaving behind the chest and his fallen associates. Vanth inspects the chest and finds that it is full of spice. He tips it over, letting the desert winds ferry it away.

World of the Jedi[]

Din Djarin's modified N-1 starfighter exits hyperspace above a green forested world. He flies the ship into the planet's atmosphere, flying above lush mountains. The ship's console buzzes. On the ground, R2-D2 guides Djarin's ship to a flat area besides a river with brown water. R2-D2 beeps in binary while Djarin climbs out of his ship. Djarin greets the R2-series astromech droid and tells him that he is looking for Luke Skywalker, and has come to see the child Grogu.

R2-D2 beeps before leading Djarin down a path into a forest of bamboo-like plants. An ant droid skitters past them. Exiting the forest, they find several ant droids assembling a stony structure. R2-D2 converses with the droids. Djarin asks if this is where they are. R2-D2 enters into hibernation, much to Djarin's frustration. He instead speaks to the ant droids, telling them he is looking for Skywalker. The droids instead assemble a makeshift bench while Djarin asks if anyone is here or alive. The ant droids continue their work.

Elsewhere on the green forested world, Grogu meditates with Luke Skywalker in a meadow. Grogu notices a passing frog and uses the Force to levitate it into his mouth. Skywalker appears to be deep in meditation but awakes to find Grogu about to swallow the frog. He convinces Grogu to let the frog go. The frog dives into a stream. Skywalker returns to his meditation and stretches out of his right hand, causing the frogs to levitate out of the ponds. Grogu watches with awe before Skywalker lets the frogs go.

He invites Grogu for a walk through the bamboo forest. Skywalker tells Grogu that he reminds him of Yoda, adding that Yoda was small like him but that he had a huge heart and that the Force was strong in him. Skywalker recounts that Yoda once said that "size matters not." He explains that Yoda spoke in riddles and asks if anyone spoke like that back at Grogu's home. He asks Grogu if he remembers his home. Grogu remains still with a sad expressions.

Skywalker asks if Grogu would like to remember and rests his palm on his head. Grogu experiences a vision of Jedi defending the Jedi Temple against the 501st Legion during the Jedi Purge. Grogu witnesses clone troopers gunning down his defenders. They advance towards him before all fades out. When Grogu emerges from the flashback, Skywalker warns him that the galaxy can be a dangerous place. He promises to teach Grogu to defend himself. The two reflect on the nearby hills.

Reunion with Lady Tano[]

Meanwhile, Din Djarin is resting on his bench when he is startled by Ahsoka Tano. Tano explains that she is an old friend of the "family." When Djarin recalls that Tano said that she would not be training Grogu, Tano clarifies that Master Luke is training him. Djarin asks what she is doing here, prompting her to ask him the same question. Djarin tells her that he is here to see the kid. Tano explains that is why R2-D2 led him to her. The astromech droid beeps in binary.

When Djarin asks about the place, Tano replies that it is nothing now but that one day it will be a great school. She adds that Grogu will be its first student. When Djarin asks how Grogu is doing, Tano replies that he is doing fine. Djarin insists on seeing him, prompting R2-D2 to turn his head. Tano invites Djarin to accompany her on a walk through the bamboo forest.

Tano recalls warning Djarin that his attachment to Grogu would be difficult to let go off. Djarin explains that Grogu was a Mandalorian foundling in his care and that he just wants to make sure he is safe. Tano responds that there is no place in the galaxy safer than being with Luke. Djarin questions Tano letting Skywalker train the Child when she wouldn't. Tano exhales sharply and explains that it was Luke's decision, adding that she does not control the wants or choices of others. Djarin responds that it is just as much his choice to go and see Grogu then.

Tano agrees to respect Djarin's wishes and motions to a hill where Skywalker is seated with Grogu. Djarin says alright. Tano asks him to consider if he is doing it for Grogu or just for himself. Djarin replies that he just wants to give him beskar armor, which he explains that belongs to Grogu by right. Tano suggests that Grogu may be a Padawan now. Djarin reasons that this armor will protect him regardless of whether he chooses the Jedi or Mandalorian paths. Tano asks Djarin to consider letting her deliver it to him.

Djarin replies that he came all this way to see Grogu. Tano understands that Grogu misses him a great deal but warns that seeing him will only make things more difficult for him. Djarin acquiesces to Tano's offer and hands him the beskar armor. He asks Tano to make sure that Grogu is protected.

Jedi training[]

Meanwhile, Skywalker carries Grogu in a bagpack and places him down in the middle of a clearing. Skywalker asks Grogu to jump but Grogu is shy. Skywalker encourages him to bend down and to feel the Force flow through him. Grogu tries again. Skywalker senses he is trying too hard and counsels him to do instead of try. Skywalker carries Grogu in a bagpack through the forest, leaping over rocks, a bison, and several stumps.

Skywalker also climbs a bamboo tree and shows him the landscape ahead. He tells Grogu that there lies a wider world out there and to feel the Force all around him. The two meditate as the wind blows. Skywalker tells Grogu that he will find balance through the Force.

Later, Skywalker takes Grogu to the riverside. While Grogu rests on a branch, he tells him to concentrate. Grogu struggles to levitate and slowly begins taking small steps. Later, Skywalker parries with his blade while Grogu meditates in the bamboo forest. He eyes Luke's green lightsaber with curiosity. Skywalker introduces him to a training remote, which he explains will test his reflexes. He places the training remote on the group beside Grogu.

Grogu rolls it, thinking it is a ball. Skywalker demonstrates how the training remote works by activating it. The training remote fires a laser beam, causing Grogu to jump out of the way. Skywalker encourages to get back up. Grogu spends the day leaping from rocks to rocks in the river, dodging the training remote's lasers. Skywalker watches the training exercise while Tano joins him. She is impressed with Grogu's progress.

Skywalker's doubts[]

Grogu later uses the Force to hold the training remote in suspended animation before causing it to short circuit and fall into the river. Grogu squeals while Skywalker praises him. Tano says that Skywalker taught him well. Skywalker replies that it is more like Grogu is remembering his previous lessons than he is actually teaching him. Tano observes that sometimes the student guides the master.

Skywalker notes that the Mandalorian was here. Tano explains that Grogu and Djarin share a strong bond and that Djarin brought him a gift. She shows Skywalker the red cloth containing the beskar armor. Skywalker admits wondering whether Grogu is committed to being a Jedi. Tano says that Skywalker is just like his father. When Skywalker asks what he should do about Grogu. Tano counsels him to trust his instincts. Grogu rests on a rock.

When Skywalker asks if he will see her again, Tano replies perhaps and bids that the Force be with him. Skywalker reflects on the beskar armor and Grogu resting on the rock.

Back to business[]

Din Djarin flies the N-1 starfighter back to Tatooine, into the hangar of Boba Fett's Palace. A Gamorrean guard greets him with an axe as he climbs out of the starfighter. Djarin explains that he is here at the request of Fennec Shand. The Gamorrean grunts their reply in Gamorrean.

In the throne room, Shand briefs the Mods, Boba Fett, Krrsantan, and Mok Shaiz's majordomo about the mobilization of Pyke Syndicate forces. Mok Shaiz has fled offworld and Shand believes that the storm is about to break. The majordomo claims it was a scheduled vacation but a Gamorrean growls at him. Shand shows a holographic map of where the Pykes are gathering based on "whispers."

The three crime families of Mos Espa are willing to lay low and let the Pykes stake a claim on their territory. She introduces the Mandalorian Din Djarin. Shand says that Djarin and Krrsantan will provide enough experienced muscle to serve as enforces. She compliments the Mods for surveying the streets. Shand recognizes that they lack the numbers to help out in a full-out war and says that they need reinforcements. Djarin offers to help recruit reinforcements.

Recruiting an ally[]

Later, Djarin circles a sandcrawler carrying the skull of a krayt dragon in his N-1 starfighter. Several Jawas watch and chatter in Jawaese. He lands his starship in Mos Pelgo. Djarin is greeted by deputy sheriff Scott, who tells him to park is ship elsewhere. Djarin responds that he has business with Cobb Vanth, who agrees to meet with Djarin. Vanth explains that Scott is new and a bit jumpy. He takes an interest in Djarin's N-1 starfighter.

Djarin remarks that he hasn't seen Vanth since he has given up his armor. Vanth says he is more careful and asks about Grogu. Djarin replies that Grogu is back with his own folk. Vanth observes that both of them have lost something they are fond off. Djarin offers to buy him a drink at the cantina. Inside the cantina, Djarin tells Vanth that he needs him to lead a garrison since his people are good fighters and that there is enough money to hire them.

Vanth explains that his people do not want to fight ever since they have taken out the krayt dragon. Djarin replies that Mos Pelgo may be safe for now but that they are part of the same planet. Djarin says that they need good people to fight or the spice is bound to come through these parts. Vanth says that as long as he is here this is not a problem. He asks why his people should risk their lives for Boba Fett. Djarin reiterates that Mos Pelgo might be good for now. Taanti reminds Djarin that the town is now called Freetown, adding that it suits them better.

Djarin reminds Vanth that he fought alongside the citizens of Freetown and that they are brave people. He explains that Boba Fett's forces are outnumbered by the Pyke Syndicate and that they need their help. The Weequay responds that the town wants no part of the city folk fight. Djarin asks Vanth if he agrees. Vanth replies that the two of them are even. Djarin asks if Vanth is still someone who won't back down in the face of bullies. Vanth remarks that he likes Djarin's big smile, which lets him get away with anything.

Djarin says there is no easy way to ask for a favor. Vanth says that things are tough in Freetown but that he will see what he can do. Djarin later leaves in his N-1 starfighter. Vanth tells the Weequay to assemble all the men and women of fighting age for a meeting in the town hall. The Weequay thinks this dispute between Fett and the Pykes is not their problem but Vanth tells them that the people may change their minds after they hear what he has to say.

Pyke threats and violence[]

Vanth sees a lone figure with a hat approaching Freetown from the desert. Sensing trouble, Vanth tells a woman named Jo to have the people evacuate inside. When Jo asks if something is wrong, Vanth says he hopes not but that is better to err on the side of safety. Vanth walks out to confront the stranger while the citizens evacuate. Deputy Scott asks what is going on but Vanth says he will handle it. He tells the Deputy to head inside while he faces down the stranger.

The stranger addresses Cobb Vanth. Vanth asks who he is. The stranger replies that whatever Fett is paying him, they will match. He tells Vanth that all they have to do is to stay put and stay out. Deputy Scott says the Marshal is not for sale. Vanth sighs and asks the stranger for his name. The stranger faces Vanth with his red eyes, revealing himself to be Duros bounty hunter Cad Bane. He warns him to be careful where he sticks his nose. Vanth asks if he is threatening him.

Bane replies that that Boba Fett is a cold blooded killer who worked with the Galactic Empire. Vanth tells him to tell the Pykes that this planet is closed for business since it has seen enough violence. Bane remarks that Vanth should have never given up his armor. The two men face each other while the Deputy eyes the situation nervously and reaches for his blaster. A shootout breaks out with Bane shooting Vanth and gunning down Deputy Scott several times.

As Vanth lies on the ground, Bane says that Tatooine belongs to the Pyke Syndicate. As long as the spice is running, he says that everyone will be left alone. He then walks into the wilderness while the townsfolk attend to the wounded Vanth. The Weequay watches with concern.

Meanwhile, two Pyke enforcers visit Garsa Fwip's Sanctuary cantina. They sit at a table and are served by a protocol droid. A band plays while two Twi'lek staff offer to take their helmets for a clean. The Pykes brush them aside before leaving the cantina. The protocol droid warns them that they have forgotten their Camtono. The Camtono turns out to be a bomb and destroys the cantina.

Grogu's choices[]

At Skywalker's newly built Jedi Temple, Skywalker presents Djarin's gift to Grogu. He unwraps the red cloth, revealing a beskar chain shirt. Skywalker explains that the Mandalorian wanted him to have the chain shirt, which he lays on the carpet. Before Grogu takes it, Skywalker tells him that he will give him a choice.

He shows Grogu Yoda's lightsaber and offers it to him. Skywalker tells Grogu that he must choose only one. If he chooses the armor, he will return to Djarin. However, Skywalker warns that he will be giving into attachment for those that he loves and forsaking the way of the Jedi.

If he chooses the lightsaber, Skywalker promises that he will be the first student in his academy and that he will train him to be a great Jedi. Skywalker says that it will take him many years to master the ways of the Force and that he may never see the Mandalorian again. He explains that a short time for Grogu may be a lifetime for someone else. Grogu coos while he considers choosing between the two objects and the paths they entail. Skywalker asks Grogu which does he choose.


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