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"We'll both die in the name of honor."
―Din Djarin, to Boba Fett[4]

"Chapter 7: In the Name of Honor" is the seventh episode and the finale of The Book of Boba Fett. The episode was directed by Robert Rodriguez and written by Jon Favreau, both executive producers for the series. The episode premiered on February 9, 2022.[2]

Official description[]

Boba Fett and Fennec Shand face an escalating conflict.

Plot summary[]

Ruins of the Sanctuary[]

The episode opens in Mos Espa, as Boba Fett and Fennec Shand stand within the bombed-out remains of Garsa Fwip's Sanctuary. Fett says that they are at war while Shand replies that it was inevitable. Fett worries that nothing will be left of Mos Espa even if they win.

The pair are soon joined by Din Djarin, Drash, and Skad. Din informs the group that he spoke to Marshal Cobb Vanth of Freetown, who is raising a garrison to assist in the fight against the Pyke Syndicate in exchange for the elimination of the spice trade. Shand protests that Vanth's demand is not free since spice was a large part of the late Jabba's business. Djarin replies that is what the town wants.

Despite Shand's protest that they can make a lot of money from spice, Fett agrees to these terms. He believes that Mos Espa can become a prosperous city under their protection and says that spice is killing their people. Fett tells Djarin to convey that Freetown is under his protection. Fett suggests that he tells Cobb Vanth himself when he comes with reinforcements. When Fett asks if Vanth will come, Djarin vouches for him. Since they are outnumbered, Fett stresses that without Vanth's reinforcements they are doomed and says that they must buy time.

Fett initially proposes waiting for reinforcements within the palace. However, Skad thinks this is a bad idea and proposes waiting for reinforcements in Mos Espa. Fett is initially dismissive of the idea of taking position in Mos Espa. However, Drash insists that they stay because the people of Mos Espa need their protection. Fett ultimately decides to stay in Mos Espa.

Den of the Pykes[]

Meanwhile, Cad Bane arrives in Mos Eisley, startling a group of Jawas who hide in fear of the bounty hunter. Bane visits the Pyke in charge of the Syndicate's operations on Tatooine, who is staying in the Desert Survey Office with the deposed mayor of Mos Espa Mok Shaiz. Bane interrupts Shaiz, who is discussing a response to Fett with the Pyke boss.

When the Pyke boss asks Bane if his venture was successful, Bane assures his client and the mayor that they needn't worry about Freetown getting involved anytime soon. Mok Shaiz expresses his relief and asks if there is anyone else who may come to Boba Fett's aid, mentioning the Tusken Raider tribe that Fett used to be part of.

The Pyke boss reassures him by affirming that they are all dead, as the Syndicate slaughtered them and pinned the deed on the Kintan Striders Gang, getting rid of both groups to whom they were paying protection. Bane remarks that he didn't realize the Pyke Syndicate was so ruthless. The Pyke boss justifies his duplicity on the grounds that they had to protect their margins. Bane agrees.

When Shaiz asks when this trouble will be over, Bane responds that it depends on how much his two stomachs can bear. Shaiz requests that damages to Mos Espa be kept to a minimum, stating his objection to the destruction of Garsa Fwip's Sanctuary, and advocating surgical strikes in favor of open warfare. Shaiz does not want Mos Espa to be destroyed. In response, Pyke boss argues that extreme force is needed to remove Fett and his people from the Sanctuary. Bane responds by saying that he has an idea to draw Fett out.

Grogu's return[]

Later that night, Peli Motto's DUM-series pit droids activate after the hangar's sensors pick up an approaching X-wing with red decals. While the pit droids guide the ship, Motto instructs her other droids including R5-D4 to hide various things around the pad, assuming the visitor is a New Republic officer. She tells the pilot that she filed for a New Republic certification seal while he was landing. She sees R2-D2 nestled in the ship's astromech socket.

As Motto moves to greet whoever is within, the hatch opens and reveals Grogu. Motto is delighted to see her young friend and asks if they taught him how to fly an X-wing. R2 asks where Djarin is, to which Motto responds that he's not here, as he has a job in Mos Espa. Despite Artoo's protests, she pulls Grogu out to catch up and give him a snack, noticing that he's wearing chainmail beneath his robes. The droids bring Grogu some worms to eat.

The approaching storm[]

In the ruins of the Sanctuary, Shand briefs Fett and Djarin about her plan to send their that their people are patrolling Mos Espa to keep an eye on the Syndicate's next move and avoid surprises. Shand believes that the truce that Fett negotiated with the Mos Espa crime families will ensure that they remain neutral and allow them to gain the upper hand over the arriving soldiers. Shand explains that she has deployed the two Gamorrean guards at the Klatooinian territory in star port, Krrsantan in front of city hall (which is Trandoshan territory), and the Mods in the Worker's District and the Aqualish Quarter. Shand believes that their flanks are covered and that the arrival of the Freetown garrison will give them the forces required to pivot their strength to whatever region the Pykes choose to attack.

Despite their measures, 8D8 reports that someone has arrived to meet with Fett. Fett is surprised that someone is sneaking up on their position. They take up position as Fett exits to meet with the visitor Bane, who remarks that he thought he smelled something. Fett replies that if he is looking for a job, he is too late. Bane replies that he is working for the Pyke Syndicate, who has sent them to negotiate on their behalf. Fett refuses to negotiate with the Pykes, whom he regards as "gutless" killers.

Bane accuses Fett of hypocrisy, stating "if that's not the Quacta calling the Stifling slimy". Fett tells Bane to clear out and to tell the Pykes that they are outnumbered. Bane responds that he has interfered with Marshal Vanth, adding that he should have never left him without his armor. As Shand and Djarin take up position, Bane warns that he also has backshooters. Two Pykes emerge on a balcony. Bane tells Fett to let the spice flow through Mos Espa and all this can be avoided.

Fett rejects Bane's terms and responds that he will only negotiate directly with the Syndicate's head. Bane reveals it was the Syndicate who murdered the Tusken tribe, not the Nikto speed bikers. This nearly goads Fett into the first shot, but ultimately he is convinced by Shand to stand down and begin the battle on their own terms. Fett wants to fight Bane but listens to Shand's reasoning. Fett tells Bane to tell his client that negotiations are terminated. Before he leaves, Bane claims Fett has gone soft with age. Fett responds that everyone does.

Shaiz' former majordomo tells Fett that the meeting with Bane was an impressive display of restraint. The majordomo wants to offer Fett additional counsel but Fett is not interested. The majordomo apologizes for interjecting.

Fronts break[]

Shortly later, Drash calls Fett on the comms and reports that the locals have turned on them despite the treaty previously established. The Aqualish family ambushes the Mods, cornering them in an alley. Fett attempts to touch base with Krrsantan, who is attacked by the Trandoshan family in the city center. The Gamorreans try to contact Fett, but are pushed off a cliff by the members of the Klatoonian family.

With few options remaining, Fett confirms with Shaiz' majordomo the location of the Syndicate's base in Mos Eisley—the Desert Survey Office—and sends Shand to confront the Pyke Syndicate's enforcer. Shand departs on a speeder bike while Krrsantan is overwhelmed by the sheer number of Trandoshan assailants. On the way, Shand manages to assist the Mods by sniping down the Aqualish family who had them pinned down, allowing them to retreat. Shand tells the Mods to get to the Sanctuary. When Drash thanks her, Shand compliments the younger woman for her manners.

The Syndicate forces begin to move into position around the Sanctuary. Djarin refuses to leave despite the odds, as it would go against his creed; Fett does the same, on the basis of honor. Djarin says that they have two choices. The first option is waiting until they get into position and launching a siege on their terms. The second option is rushing out there and escaping on a ship in Boba's palace. Fett refuses to abandon Mos Espa since the people are counting on him. Djarin decides that they should die in the name of honor. When Fett asks if he wants to stay, Djarin replies that "this is the way."

The majordomo's ruse[]

The Twi'lek majordomo volunteers to go out and try to speak to the Pykes and negotiate for their freedom and surrender on Fett's behalf, as he studied on Coruscant, where he attended finishing academy, and specialized in Civic Council Negotiations. Fett appears to agree and writes out his terms on the majordomo's pad.

The majordomo emerges before the Pyke soldiers gathered in front of the Sanctuary and reads out the "terms of surrender" Fett wrote out to the Pyke commander, who represents the Oba Diah high council. Flattering the Pykes, the majordomo wishes to see the fabled Obsidian Cliffs of Oba Diah. When the Pyke commander tells him to get down to business, the majordomo stalls before revealing that Fett's message was a threat statement: "You will leave this planet and your spice trade. If you refuse these terms, the arid sands of Tatooine will once again flourish with flowered fields fertilized with the bodies of your dead." As the Pyke commander lifts his blaster, the majordomo reminds him that those were Fett's words.

Fighting back[]

Before the majordomo can be executed, Fett and Djarin soar in on their jetpacks and begin to gun the Syndicate soldiers down. With the advantage afforded by their Mandalorian armor, weapons and surprise strike, Fett and Djarin take down many of the Syndicate on their own. Djarin also deploys his whistling birds, taking down several Pykes. However, the numbers prove to be too much even for them and numerous blaster shots slowly begin to take them down.

Unexpected reinforcements arrive in the form of the people from Freetown in a large armored speeder. Djarin apologizes for what happened to Marshal Vanth In response, the Weequay bartender Taanti explains that Bane gunned him down in cold blood. When Djarin says that they didn't need to come, Taanti replies that they did beause the planet deserves better. The surviving members of the Mods arrive and together they manage to drive the Pykes back. Drash and Skad take up position with Fett, Djarin and the people of Freetown. When Skad questions where the Freetown "sand scurriers" came from and Jo rebutts that they are here to save the tails of "city rats", Fett tells them to save it for the Pykes.

They are soon joined by an injured Krrsantan, who subdues several Pykes even in his weakened state. Fett helps him to safety while Djarin provides covering fire. Fett is pleased to see Krrsantan and promises him a nice long soak in the bacta tank following the battle. Taanti tells the defenders that the Pykes are falling back. The fighters begin cheering but Djarin detects two approaching Scorpenek annihilator droids through his helmet's scanner. He warns them not to celebrate yet because they have got "real problems."

The Scorpeneks[]

The two Scorpenek droids advance on Fett's forces line, unable to be stopped by blasters and even Fett's missiles due to their powerful deflector shields. The armored vehicle they'd been using for cover is destroyed, forcing them, the Mods, and Krrsantan to flee. Fett and Djarin attempt to take the Scorpeneks on, to little avail due to their powerful shield generators. Even the Darksaber is incapable of piercing through their shields. Fett and Djarin discuss their options, ruling out both energy and kinetic weapons due to the large collateral effect on Mos Espa.

With instructions for Djarin to protect the others, Fett leaves for further reinforcements. While Djarin is able to gain the attention of one droid, the other continues to pursue Fett's troops and allies. Black Krrsantan tries to pierce through one of the Scorpenek's powerful shields but the droids kicks him away with one of its legs. Drash and Skad help the wounded Wookiee to safety. Three Pykes attempt to kill them but the trio take down their attackers before retreating.

While fleeing a Scorpenek, Djarin runs into Motto and one of her pit droids, who is riding a cart being driven by a rickshaw droid. Motto calls out to Djarin but is quick to turn around upon spotting the Scorpenek, allowing him to hitch a ride and forcing it to give chase. Motto tells the rickshaw droid to turn around and it obliges. Djarin and the pit droid cling onto the chassis of the rickshaw.

Being pursued by a Scorpenek droid and several advancing Pykes, the Mods and Freetown garrison are forced to hole up in the ruins of a house. Drash convinces the Freetown garrison to take up position at the building while she and the Freetown resident Jo make their way to a nearby rooftop in order to snipe the Pyke Syndicate members and distract the Scorpenek.

The tides turn[]

Motto reveals the reason for her arrival had been to deliver Grogu to Djarin, and the two reunite. Djarin is delighted to see his adopted son Grogu and hugs him. He tells Grogu to stay hidden until the fight is over before noticing Grogu's beskar shirt. When Djarin asks what Grogu is doing here, Motto replies that the Force works in mysterious ways. The Scorpenek droid manages to shoot off the head of the rickshaw droid, causing their cart to crash in the streets. As the others fly out of their cart, Djarin grabs Grogu and and protects him as they land. The pit droid and Motto land safely.

Djarin and Motto prepare to stand their ground against the advancing Scorpenek droid but a terrifying roar distracts it. The roar is revealed to belong to a rancor, ridden by Fett from the Palace. The rancor jumps over several buildings, dodging fire from the Scorpenek. Despite fierce resistance, the rancor manages to damage its shielding, allowing Djarin to approach from behind and break inside with the Darksaber. He makes it to the top of the droid, slicing off one gun turret, but is knocked off. Before it can crush him, Grogu uses the Force to pull out an articulation pin from the droid's leg, causing it to collapse and giving Fett's rancor time to finish tearing it apart. Motto passes Grogu to Djarin, who cuddles him.

Meanwhile, the remaining Scorpenek lays siege to the Mods and Freetown garrison at the house they are sheltering in. The Scorpenek is supported by several Pyke soldiers. Meanwhile, Drash and Jo take up positions on a nearby roof. Under Skad and Taanti's leadership, the defenders fire a volley of blaster bolts while Drash shoots at the Scorpenek. Jo takes out the Pyke soldiers on the ground. Working together, the two teams inflict casualties on the Pykes.

Before the second Scorpenek can finish targeting Drash and Jo, Fett arrives on his rancor to rescue the others. The rancor slams the Scorpenek droid into a building, which crumbles under the weight of the war machine. The rancor converges on the ruins of the building. The Scorpenek droid emerges with its shields deactivated. The rancor pummels the weakened droid, which puts up a fierce fight and inflicts several scratches on the rancor. Fett helps by firing at the Scorpenek.

The second Scorpenek fires a volley of laser bolts at the rancor. However, the rancor's tough hide absorbs most of the blasts and it resumes the fight. As the Mods and Freetown garrison watch, the rancor rips one of the gun turret arms off the Scorpenek. After piercing through its red central processing sensor, the rancor rips the droid apart by pulling off its limbs. Djarin and Motto arrive with Grogu and the Pit droid to drive off the remaining Pyke soldiers. The Mods and Freetowners join the battle. Motto also meets Mok Shaiz's majordomo and leads him to safety.

Settling old scores[]

While destroying the second Scorpenek, the rancor also fights several Pykes. Fett kills one while the rancor takes care of the second Pyke, swallowing it whole. Bane arrives and scares the rancor with fire from his vambraces, causing it to throw Fett and flee into the streets of Mos Espa. The two square off. Fett tells Bane to clear out and to take his "hoodlum gang" with him.

Bane admits he doesn't understand Fett's motivations and asks what is his angle. Fett states that he won't abandon the city and his people. Bane tries to goad Fett by mentioning the Tuskens. Fett tells Bane that he won't let him toy with him since he is no longer a little boy. Bane points out that despite his age, he's still faster, armor or not. Fett stands his ground and says let's find out.

With swift shots, Bane takes Fett down and pins him to the ground, calling him a killer just like his father was. Bane taunts Fett that this is not the first time he has beaten him on a job. He rips Fett's helmet off and prepares to kill Fett, telling him that this is his final lesson and that anything else is weakness. Before Bane can shoot, Fett knocks him away with his gaderffii stick. The tides now turned, Fett fells Bane and impales him, leaving the Duros mercenary dead on the street. Before he dies, Bane tells Fett that he knows that he is a killer.

Calming the rancor[]

In the rest of the city, the rancor continues to rampage. The Mods and Freetowners shoot at the rancor, which tries to hurl a landspeeder at the them. However, Djarin calls them to stand down, as they're only riling it up further. The rancor flees up a tower, which it proceeds to damage. Handing Grogu to Motto for safety, Djarin tries to take control of the rancor by landing on its back and taking hold of the chains. It instead throws him off and, after being unable to eat him due to his beskar armor, throws him to the ground.

Grogu escapes from Motto's grasp to stand before the rancor, placing himself between it and the fallen Djarin. Using the Force, he calms it down and puts it to sleep before curling up beside it and doing the same. The majordomo helps Djarin to his feet as the people cheer. Motto quips that there is not going to be much of a barbecue.

Tying Up Loose Ends[]

In Mos Eisley's Desert Survey Office, the Syndicate enforcer announces that their retreating forces will arrive from Mos Espa shortly so they can leave. The various faction leaders object as they had a deal with the Syndicate, but the Pyke leader counters that their deal was that Tatooine was going to be a hospitable place to business. He points out that half his people have been gunned down or eaten by a rancor; conditions that are not "hospitable."

Blaster fire interrupts before they can argue further, sending the group on high alert. Before anything can be done, the guards and faction leaders are shot down from above. The Mok Shaiz attempts to flee, only for the Ithorian to be caught by a noose and hung. The leader of the Syndicate fires blindly into the darkness and tries to approach a window before Shand appears and stabs him. With the opposition's leaders destroyed, she exits via the front door.

Parting ways[]

The scene returns to Mos Espa. Passengers arrive on a liner at the spaceport. Fett and Shand walk the streets, which the townsfolk are working together to clear and rebuild. Many stop to bow and greet him, all of which he returns. Fett laments having to move his right arm, but states his bacta tank is in use when Shand tells him to take a soak. When Fett grumbles about people bowing to him, Shand points out that he should be glad they bow to him, rather than shooting at him. A group of children offer them Meiloorun fruits, one of which Fett accepts. Krrsantan, the Mods and the LEP-series rat catcher meet up with the duo in the street.

Din Djarin's N-1 starfighter departs from Tatooine, with Grogu seated in the small pod seat built into the ship. He taps the dome of the seat, which Djarin responds to with a negative. Grogu repeats this several times, until Djarin finally agrees for what he says is the last time. He pushes a button, causing the ship's sublight thrusters to accelerate rapidly as Grogu squeals.

Cobb Vanth's recuperation[]

In the mid-credit scene, Cobb Vanth is seen in Fett's bacta tank, still alive. A figure turns and reveals himself to be the Modifier who saved Shand's life previously, tools in hand.


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