"Disobedience is death. Unless you win. And you cannot win by surrendering."
―Charat Kraal[src]

Charat Kraal was a member of the Warrior caste of the Yuuzhan Vong. Unlike most of his species, his forehead was flat, like a human's. He was ridiculed for this, and eventually pulled out his hair to draw attention away from his forehead.


When he and his Domain brother Penzak Kraal were on patrol of the Pyria system, Charat and Penzak were the first to encounter the Mon Mothma. Penzak was killed, but Charat survived, and took control of some of the remaining units of Domain Kraal which survived the Battle of Borleias, with the intent of providing recon and intelligence. When the fleet from Domain Cha was defeated, he commandeered some of their survivors as well.

Upon the arrival of Supreme Commander Czulkang Lah in the system, Charat presented himself to the former Warmaster, informing him of the Starlancer Project and the pipefighters. As he explained his situation Charat displayed no fear, and talked quite boldly. Realizing that what he did was technically insubordination, Kraal asked that Lah order him to commit suicide, so that he could have at least briefly served under Czulkang Lah. Impressed, Lah promoted Charat to Wing Commander, and assigned him to aid Priest Harrar and oversee all operations involving the capture of Jaina Solo, who had declared herself an avatar of Yun-Harla. During the Battle of Borleias, Charat Kraal was deceived into following the Goddess missile, which gave off Jaina Solo's gravitic signature. Only when it was a few meters from his coralskipper did Charat Kraal realize that he had been deceived, and was killed.



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