The Charge Matrica was a contest that was instigated by the Sith Lord Vilia Calimondra during the Republic Dark Age.


Calimondra began the Charge Matrica in 1066 BBY, to decide which of her seven children would become the heir to her holdings. She tasked them with expanding her empire, and planned to appoint as her heir the one that expanded her holdings the most. However, her daughter Xelian declared war on her sibling Chagras, causing all seven siblings to start fighting against each other. Since Vilia was unwilling to referee between her children, Sith conquests in the Outer Rim stalled due to infighting. Eventually, at some point before or during 1050 BBY, Chagras was the only one of Calimondra's children left, and she made him her heir. Thus, Chagras subsequently came to rule an empire known as the Chagras Hegemony.

However, since Vilia lived, she still retained control of most of her holdings. Chagras was only guaranteed the cooperation of his multiple nieces and nephews in the reconstruction process. By 1042 BBY, Chagras had recovered his military resources sufficiently to launch an offensive against the Galactic Republic. Hegemony forces under Lord Odion attacked Sanbra and Aquilaris Minor as part of a top-secret project to acquire the Helm of Ieldis, an ancient Sith artifact dating back to the Great Hyperspace War.

In 1040 BBY, Chagras was killed, so Calimondra began a Second Charge Matrica, to determine which one of her grandchildren would become her new heir. However, her grandchildren Daiman and Odion went to war against each other, and soon the rest of her grandchildren began fighting against each other.


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