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"I am Duke Charle Organa, lord of House Organa and heir to the chalcedony star."
―Charle Organa[src]

Charle Remmot Organa was a male Human male who was the duke of House of Organa during the Alderaan Civil War, which was part of the larger Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the reconstituted Sith Empire.


It was said Charle Organa epitomized the virtues his house was known for. He was a fierce opponent of the reconstituted Sith Empire, which had the Organa family treated brutally during the Sith's short-lived invasion of Alderaan. When Alderaan's civil war began, Charle Organa had privately trained a talented and honorable battalion, and he turned to the Republic for advice and assistance during the crisis.

As the war pressed only, Organa enlisted the aid of a Republic strike team to stop Jharkus Thul, aka the Wolf Baron, from seizing the Spears of Organa. Though the strike team succeeded in securing the spears, Thul contacted Organa via hologram to gloat that he had captured many civilians during the battle and suggested they parley. Upon meeting, Thul demanded a trade. Organa assumed the Wolf Baron wanted him, but Thul was interested in taking the strike team off the board, believing it would uneven the odds of the next battle. The strike team agreed for the hostages' sake. But after the exchange was made, the freed hostages arrived to rescue their saviours. The strike team soon lead an assault on the Thul war camps. Organa reunited with his house's champions and praised them for the victory. He then revealed that the Wolf Baron was captured during the battle and left his fate in the team's hands. The team showed mercy towards Thul, a decision that Organa commended.

Even though they had deprived House Thul a general, one who would be easily replaced, House Organa would have to turn their attention to House Ulgo, whose leader Bouris Ulgo seized the throne by force. Ulgo was somehow controlling Killiks to attack Organa forces and the strike team was sent to investigate. The strike team later reported to Organa that Ulgo was performing horrific experiments on Killiks and that his own science commander, Keikana Herot, was seeking to replicate their experiments. Organa responded by transferring Herot to a different posting.

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Charle Organa was created for the 2011 video game Star Wars: The Old Republic.



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