"It was a pleasure working with everyone, especially the epic CFX team."
―Charlotte Louise about Solo: A Star Wars Story[src]

Charlotte Louise Baker, known professionally as Charlotte Louise, is a British actress, puppeteer, and model. She has worked on several Star Wars projects, beginning with the 2016 Anthology film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Louise portrayed Margo in Solo: A Star Wars Story, along with a minor appearance as a Twi'lek female. In 2019, she portrayed Lazu Lirona and Charlu Sisi in Star Wars: Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker.


"Star Wars allows me to play such a variety of interesting, beautiful creatures, for example Margo. Margo does not have long, flowing locks of hair, nor does she have smooth, blemish free skin, but she is beautiful and powerful regardless."
―Charlotte Louise[src]
Charlotte Louise TLJ

Charlotte Louise in Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi

Charlotte Louise Baker was born on October 27, 1991,[1] and lives in London, England.[3] In her adult life, Louise regularly traveled to London for acting and modeling jobs,[7] which led up to her roles in Star Wars films.[3]

In 2016, she did puppeteer work for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, though uncredited.[3] The next year, Louise did puppeteer work for Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi. She auditioned for the film without knowing what it was, due to the high levels of security involved. Neal Scanlan was at the audition, and Louise became excited, then realizing it was a Star Wars film. After a costume fitting and plaster cast for her costume, Louise was cast as an orange-skinned alien, which appeared on Canto Bight.[7] Louise was thrilled to have gotten the part, having been a longtime Star Wars fan.[8]

Charlotte Louise Margo

Louise as Margo in Solo: a Star Wars Story

In 2018, she played the role of Margo in Solo: A Star Wars Story.[9] She was cast for the role after the completion of The Last Jedi. While she was originally hesitant about portraying Margo because of the plaster costume, she found it easy to adapt once the process started. She enjoyed working with the CFX team on the film's set, finding them like a second family.[8]

Louise received dialect training under Andrew Jack[10] for the role, because Margo had an alien dialect. Louise also participated in movement rehearsals for the film, to master Margo's graceful movements. The prosthetic costume for the role took around five and a half hours to put on.[8] Louise also portrayed four[7] other minor characters in the film,[5] including two[7] Twi'lek females.[11] For the Twi'lek she portrayed on a jungle world, she participated in cast sabacc lessons.[7]

In 2019, she portrayed Lazu Lirona[6] and Charlu Sisi in Star Wars: Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker. The name Charlu Sisi was inspired by Louise's own name.[12]


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YearTitleRoleOther notes
2019Star Wars: Episode IX The Rise of SkywalkerLazu Lirona[6] and Charlu Sisi[12]
2018Solo: A Star Wars StoryMargo/Creature and droid puppeteer[3]
2017Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last JediCreature and droid puppeteer[4]
2016Rogue One: A Star Wars StoryCreature and droid puppeteerUncredited[3]


YearTitleRoleOther notes
2018Work LifeMiss ClarkeShort
2017Justice LeagueGal Gadott/Connie Nelson/Samantha JoStand-in[3]
2017I Live With ModelsBeauticianTelevision[3]
2017GuiltUtility person/EscortTelevision[3]
2016Alice Through the Looking GlassAnne HathawayBody double/stand in[3]
2016Game of ThronesSlave girlTelevision[3]
2016Bridget Jones' BabyCrying model[3]
2016The Comedian's Guide to SurvivalPersonal assistant[3]
2016Angel of DecayGirl on a bus[3]
2016Ayia Mapa MarinaModel[3]
2015Avengers: Age of UltronParty girl[3]
2015EastEndersYoung studentTelevision[3]
2015SiblingsGirl in barTelevision[3]
2015The Bad Education MovieAtticus Hoy's girlfriend[3]
2014Amanda K BridalBride[3]


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