"You heard our beloved slave master, everyone back in the shuttle."
―Chas Uliar[src]

Chas Uliar was a Human male crewman of the Outbound Flight, born 49 BBY.


Uliar was recruited to the project at its start in 29 BBY, when he'd just completed his school training. He held the rank-position of Reactor Tech 4.

As the Jedi, especially Jorus C'baoth, took increasing control over all aspects of the ship, Uliar's resentment of the Jedi grew.

He survived the crash of Outbound Flight onto the Redoubt. Even moments after the crash, he began to suspect Dillian Pressor of being a Force-sensitive. Later on, he became a Director of the colony, and due to his distaste of the Jedi, anyone he suspected of being Force-sensitive were first quarantined, then banished to D-Three if Force-sensitivity was confirmed. Uliar often rightly suspected Dillian's granddaughter Evlyn of being a Force-sensitive, but her mother Rosemari and her uncle Jorad covered for her to prevent Uliar from sending her to D-Three.

When the colonists of the wrecked Outbound Flight were relocated to the Empire of the Hand after the Battle of the Redoubt, Uliar was one of the few who needed the most persuasion to go.



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