"Exploration of the chasm is forbidden because no Je'daii has ever gone very far into it without losing their mind."
―Daegen Lok to Xesh.[src]

The Chasm was a large canyon located high in the mountains of the continent Talss on the planet Tython. Anil Kesh was situated at this site where it straddled the area. Something within the Chasm was known to interfere with the senses of the Je'daii and interfered with them. This phenomena was only made worse if the user was strong in the Force and the interference grew even worse the deeper one went into the gorge. Some amongst the Je'daii had even gone mad as a result of their travels into the Chasm. Despite this being the case, Je'daii scientists claim that the gorge represented the Force at its most mysterious and never ceased in their study of its depths by way of science and the Force. Daegen Lok was one of the Je'daii who became fascinated by the Chasm, and after becoming psychically scarred, was subsequently sent to Bogan to contemplate Ashla and find his way back to balance.

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While Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi 0 initially labeled the Chasm as the Rift, Dawn of the Jedi: Into the Void established that the two were separate canyons, with the Chasm being located in a mountain range six hundred kilometers east of the Rift and stated that it was the Chasm which affected the use of the Force.

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