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Che Amanwe Papanoida was a wealthy female Pantoran who lived during the Clone Wars. She was the daughter of Pantora's chairman, Notluwiski Papanoida. She, along with her sister Chi Eekway Papanoida, were kidnapped by Greedo. During the Clone Wars she lived with her sister in an expensive apartment, which was notably decorated with plants and idols of Pantoran origin.



Che Amanwe uses an appropriated blaster to defend her family

Che and her sister Chi were present on Coruscant when their father and Senator Riyo Chuchi were trying to petition the Galactic Senate into ending the Trade Federation's blockade of Pantora. In the middle of the night, the sisters were kidnapped by Greedo on behalf of the Separatists, but not before Che was able to hit the Rodian with an idol, which her father realized was misplaced. Che was separated from her sister and was held captive in a cantina in Mos Eisley on Tatooine while Chi was placed in the Trade Federation ship in orbit of Pantora. Che's father and her brother Ion were able to track Greedo down by using the blood sample on the idol, before gaining Jabba the Hutt's assistance. However, Che accidentally identified her father to Greedo's associates upon seeing him, causing a firefight to ensue. Che saved her father when Greedo's Gotal accomplice was going to shoot him. The Papanoidas were soon reunited and returned to Coruscant as the Trade Federation lifted the blockade.

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Che Amanwe Papanoida is based on George Lucas' daughter, Amanda Lucas and voiced by Meredith Salenger.[1]

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