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Cheelit was an Imperial planet on the Mid Rim's Cerean Reach, ruled by Lady Dhol. Dhol, as well as the assassins of the Guild of Vindicators, were eliminated in a game of Firepath in her Hive Palace by Darth Vader.

Within the book The Last Days of Arhul Hextrophon, Master Historian Arhul Hextrophon uncovered evidence suggesting that the J'feh led by Lady Dhol of Cheelit were being disingenuous about their nature and history. Hextrophon was led to believe that the species masquerading as J'feh had no relationship to the extinct natives of Cheelit, and were actually related to the Mimban god Pomojema. Hextrophon speculated if the connection were true, the so-called J'feh were actually native to Zoth.[4]

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