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"The lack of sleep, the depression, and the fact that I hadn't eaten anything other than some cheese curls in the last 18 hours contributed greatly to my failing mental state."
―Darth Vader, writing in his diary[1]

Cheese curls were a type of food made with cheese that was edible to Humans.[1] Sometime between 0 ABY and 3 ABY,[2] the Human Sith Lord Darth Vader ate only cheese curls in the eighteen hours prior to the night of his birthday. Vader experienced a deterioration in his mental state that night, as none of his stormtroopers had remembered the occasion. When writing about the incident in his diary, the Sith Lord partially attributed his failing mental state to having only eaten cheese curls, along with a lack of sleep and depression.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Cheese curls were mentioned in "Lunch Break," a comic written and illustrated by Jonathan Adams and released in Star Wars Tales 16,[1] published on June 25, 2003.[3]


Notes and references[]

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