"Kral, in the force we lost…did you have any family?"
"Yes, sir. My son Turl. An ensign. A weapons officer aboard the frigate Cheesmeer."
Jacen Solo, inquiring about the destruction of the Second Fleet, and Kral Nevil[1]

The Cheesmeer was a frigate assigned to the Second Fleet of the Galactic Alliance Defense Fleet[1] and active in 40 ABY[2] during the Second Galactic Civil War.[1] The frigate was present for a skirmish between a Corellian decoy fleet, led by Captain Hoclaw of the Corellian Defense Force, and Galactic Alliance forces, led by Fleet Admiral Tarla Limpan, at a rendezvous point in deep-space. The frigate, along with most of the Galactic Alliance Second Fleet and the entire Corellian decoy fleet, was destroyed by a blast launched from Centerpoint Station, an ancient space station located in the Corellian system that was armed with a powerful hyperspace tractor beam, the firing of which was authorized by Five World Prime Minister Sadras Koyan.[1]

Turl Nevil, son of former Rogue Squadron pilot Kral Nevil, served as a weapons officer with the rank of ensign aboard the Cheesmeer. Turl perished alongside the entire crew of the frigate during the engagement.[1]

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The Cheesmeer was mentioned in the 2007 novel Legacy of the Force: Fury, written by Aaron Allston.[1]



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