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Calrissian: "It's no good. I can't reach the junction terminal. The access tube isn't wide enough."
Chewbacca: "Wrrgrruunnt!"
Calrissian: "Sure, I had a personal chef on Cloud City. What's your point?"
Lando Calrissian and Chewbacca[src]

A chef or cook was an individual who specialized in the cooking and preparation of food. Notable chefs throughout the galaxy included Porcellus, Slabba Drewl, Tavvar Va'ran, Jedi Master Zao, Gormaanda, Handree Braman, and Vondri Deeq, among others. The 434-FPC personal chef droid was a chef droid. Those who demonstrated advanced capability in the field were given the title of Master Chef.

Another such title was galactic gourmet, awarded to the Gamorrean chef Gammy after he spent many years training.[1]


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