"Brinaloy's closest friend was a Ho'Din named Chelah Voh. They have been friends since childhood. My men have already spoken with Chelah and she has provided no useful information, but you are welcome to question her yourself."
―A'jidre Skrigatov mentions Chelah Voh to his hired bounty hunters[src]

Chelah Voh was a female Ho'Din who became caught up in the hunt for the missing Devaronian Brinaloy N'Vaari during the Galactic Civil War. A resident of the planet Abregado-rae, Voh was close friends with N'Vaari, the granddaughter of a Provincial Governor of the Abregado-rae resort town of Le Yer. N'Vaari went into hiding to avoid a forced marriage to her grandfather's successor, A'jidre Skrigatov. Skrigatov had hoped to gain politically from the marriage, and hired bounty hunters to track down the wayward Devaronian. Voh's friendship with N'Vaari led the bounty hunters to question the Ho'Din in the hope of finding a lead to their quarry's whereabouts.


Chelah Voh was a resident of Le Yer on Abregado-rae.

Chelah Voh was a female Ho'Din and a resident of Le Yer, a resort town on the otherwise shabby manufacturing planet Abregado-rae. From childhood, Voh was the closest friend of Brinaloy N'Vaari, a Devaronian who was the granddaughter of a Provincial Governor of Le Yer. In the years prior to the Battle of Endor in 4 ABY, Voh maintained an apartment on the outskirts of Le Yer; the house was surrounded by large flowering bushes and shrubs.[1]

The town of Le Yer was ensnared in political strife when the death of N'Vaari's grandfather was ordered by the Devaronian A'jidre Skrigatov, a local criminal leader who had been elected the next Provincial Governor. N'Vaari confided in Voh that she was scared she would be killed next; Skrigatov, however, had subtler plans and instead, after five years had passed, sought to marry N'Vaari to shore up support for his re-election. Aware that the local constabulary were corrupt and supported Skrigatov, N'Vaari went into hiding five days before the ceremony was scheduled to take place.[1]

Voh, known to be N'Vaari's best friend, was aggressively questioned by Skrigatov's lackey, Friizt, but provided the Herglic with no useful information. Skrigatov then pressured several bounty hunters from offworld to search for the missing Devaronian. The bounty hunters approached Voh, but she correctly deduced from their appearance that they were more of Skrigatov's employees and thus refused to cooperate; she slammed her door in their faces. The bounty hunters, however, were able to obtain from within Voh's apartment a claim ticket for N'Vaari's droid, MK221. With that as a lead, the bounty hunters eventually discovered that N'Vaari had disguised herself as a male Twi'lek, and they tracked her to Phyrstal Island.[1]

Personality and traits[]

Chelah Voh was a tall and slim Ho'Din,[1] a reptilian sentient species distinguished by tresses of vibrantly-colored head tendrils.[2] While she appeared shy and withdrawn, Voh was strong willed and resisted pressure from Skrigatov's lackey. She cared deeply about her friend N'Vaari, and the Devaronian trusted her in return, revealing the existence of a hideout in Le Yer, though not its location. Voh was aware of her limited abilities in combat and was therefore unwilling to enter situations that might lead to fighting. The Ho'Din had some experience at business.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Chelah Voh was created by Sandra Childress and Christopher John Parks for their roleplaying adventure "Abregado-Rae Intrigue." West End Games published the adventure in 1997 as part of No Disintegrations, a collection of adventures for bounty hunter characters. The adventures are set prior to the Battle of Endor, although it is possible to rework them for later periods. Voh is given abbreviated statistics, which highlight her knowledge, business and perception proficiencies.

The adventure presents several reactions from Chelah Voh depending on how the player characters interact with the Ho'Din. This article presents the adventure as unfolding according to the first stated option, but any of the following outcomes are also possible. If the players approach Voh wearing heavy armor or carrying blasters, or let on that they are either hunting N'Vaari or working for Skrigatov, Voh reacts angrily and slams the door on the characters. If that occurs, the adventure suggests the players may obtain the droid ticket claim by breaking into her apartment. Alternatively, if the players present a credible cover story, such as a desire to smuggle N'Vaari offworld, Voh readily cooperates and provides them with the droid ticket claim.


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