Chenlambec was a male Wookiee bounty hunter with rare and recessive silvertip fur who fled Kashyyyk after killing an Imperial officer for beating a Wookiee child.


Chenlambec became known in the hunting circles as the 'Raging Wookiee', and it was well known that he only accepted dead or alive assignments. He usually opted to return to his contractor with proof of death. However, he sometimes helped his targets to escape to the Rebellion, and faked proof of death so that the targets would be safe from the Empire. He claimed the bounties on their 'dead bodies' as well. He wore a bandoleer of black reptile skin, so as to ward off any Trandoshan hunters looking to kill him for sport.

Chen befriended Tinian I'att, and became her Ng'rhr, or clan-uncle. He took Tinian on as a Hunt apprentice, and they participated in three Hunts together before they decided to hunt down Bossk, the infamous Trandoshan bounty hunter. Chen and Tinian eventually formed a loose relationship with him to capture Han Solo after the Battle of Hoth. This was actually a ruse to double-cross Bossk and entrap him in illegal Wookiee pelt-baiting in the Lomabu system. Chen had a handheld slicer droid named Flirt.

Chen was one of the more famous bounty hunters who rose to prominence after the fall of the Bounty Hunters' Guild. He once owned a personal starfighter called the Wroshyr.

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