Cherek Tuhm was a male Human who was a former member of Ministry of Licenses and Permits until he decided to work for the Republic Intelligence during the Clone Wars. He was also hand-to-hand combat champion for eight straight years.


After Edbit Teeks was kidnapped by the Tarhassan Planetary Security, Cherek was part of a strike team to search for the missing person. Alongside Mapper Gann, Tinian Hanther, Joram Kithe‎, and Livintius Sazet, they suspected that Zazana Renkel was involved in the kidnapping, so they kidnapped her and she gave them the information on Teek's whereabouts. Cherek was very angry with quick access, which ran against his specially prepared plan. When he planned conduct the interrogation, Joram realized that it was completely incompetent and divulged more information than he received from their captives. During the rescue mission, Cherek was shot by one of the Planetary Authority agents but managed to survive his injuries.

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