"May your children bear the nose, trust and temperament of a wild rabid Cherfer."
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The Cherfer was a stupid and incredibly vicious herd predator that lived in the deserts on the planet Elom. Cherfers were aggressive from birth, becoming even more so as they matured, which they did very rapidly. Cherfers were equine in appearance, though, unlike most equine creatures, they were omnivores with a preference for flesh. Their bodies were muscular and covered by rough fur. A Cherfer's head and snout were covered by a very sharp bony plate, which was used in hunting and fighting with other Cherfers. They hunted in groups called "vlaktors" by the native Elomin, which can number between five and thirty individuals. These vlaktors were only temporary. Frequently members would cause trouble and be cast out. They stampeded into their prey viciously stabbing it with their hooves and the bony plates on their heads. Cherfers would also use the plate to tear up the ground to catch burrowing prey. A cherfer would never flee from a fight until its opponent fell. Cherfers reproduced so rapidly, the Elomin hunted them whenever possible to keep the Cherfer population in check. Though they could live up to nineteen years in captivity, they rarely did in the wild.[1]



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