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"Greetings, friend. I am known as Chertyl Ruluwoor and I'm currently investigating a series of terrorist attacks aimed at Selonian dens."
―Chertyl Ruluwoor[src]

Chertyl Ruluwoor was a Human female who resided on the planet Corellia at the height of the Galactic Civil War. Ruluwoor had been assigned to build a case against a group of terrorists who were continually attacking Selonian dens on Corellia. However, she was making little progress, and following the Battle of Yavin, she had yet to fully identify those responsible for the attacks.

She soon had a stroke of luck; a young amateur holocam operator named Kafleer Tredahl had caught footage of the terrorists in the act, and promised to give it to Ruluwoor if she would collect it. There were complications, however, as Tredahl believed he was being watched by the anti-Selonians. Ruluwoor had a passing spacer collect the recording, though after it was returned to her, the terrorists retaliated, taking Tredahl's mother hostage. Ruluwoor once again hired the services of the spacer, who rescued Zayna Tredahl and dispatched the kidnappers.



Chertyl Ruluwoor was a Human female, of average height for her species and of a reasonably slim build. She often wore elaborate clothing, including long skirts, scarves, and gloves, regardless of the time of day or weather.[1]

After the destruction of the first Death Star during the Battle of Yavin, Ruluwoor resided in the city of Kor Vella, located on the planet Corellia. Kor Vella was a tourist city; Ruluwoor could usually be found at the Kor Vella Hotel, in the eastern region of the city. She often stood around in a multi-purpose hotel hall, along with several other Corellian residents.[1]

Chertyl Ruluwoor eventually found herself working on behalf of the Selonians, another mammalian species native to the Corellian system. Many Selonian dens on Corellia eventually became targets of illegal terrorist attacks, and Ruluwoor sought to put a stop to them. She attempted to discover the identity of the individual or group responsible, hoping to catch them red-handed so she would have sufficient evidence to build a case against the terrorists.[1]

Stumbling upon a spacer[]

"So far I've been unable to identify those responsible, but I've just received a tip that could lead to a break in my case. I'm wondering if I could call upon you to assist me? I need you to pick up a recording taken by an amateur holocam operator and bring it to me. Can I rely upon you?"
―Chertyl, speaking to a spacer[src]

However, her efforts were yielding little success. She eventually got a lucky break and a chance to find out who was behind the attacks and have them punished accordingly. A Twi'lek amateur holocam operator named Kafleer Tredahl managed to capture a recording that could identify and incriminate those involved in the demonstrations. Kafleer Tredahl decided to tip off Ruluwoor and provide her with the recording, though certain difficulties arose: the terrorists had caught wind of Tredahl and were watching him, making any possible exchanges extremely difficult. Nevertheless, he contacted Chertyl Ruluwoor, telling her of his discovery, and giving her the exact location where she would be able to pick up the tape.[1]

Ruluwoor was still aware of the dangers involved, and so decided not to pick up the recording herself. She was determined to put away the culprits, though, and sought someone to collect Tredahl's recording, offering a fee of three hundred credits if someone proved successful. A spacer who had been traveling in the area took her up on the offer, agreeing to collect the recording and return it to Ruluwoor in exchange for the credits offered.[1]

Ruluwoor warned the spacer though, telling the being that Tredahl was being watched, and asking the spacer to be extremely careful when returning the recording, as it was very valuable to her. The spacer was unperturbed at her warnings though, and traveled to Tredahl. While the traveler was en route, Ruluwoor contacted the young holocam operator, telling him to expect the spacer's arrival.[1]


"You are a true champion! You have my thanks and the thanks of my people. Blessings upon your den."
―Ruluwoor thanks the spacer[src]

Her worries proved unfounded, however, as the spacer performed well and returned unharmed to Chertyl Ruluwoor near the Kor Vella Hotel, with the recording in hand. It was as Tredahl had described; the recording identified those responsible for the attacks on the Selonian dens and would go a long way in Ruluwoor's efforts to have them brought to justice. Happy to have finally made some inroads into the chase, Ruluwoor thanked the spacer profusely, and had the promised three hundred credits transferred into the traveler's account.[1]

Things took a turn for the worse soon afterward though, as the terrorists retaliated. Those she had been investigating kidnapped Kafleer Tredahl's mother, Zayna. Kafleer contacted Ruluwoor and told her as much, though Chertyl did not want to go and rescue her, for fear of increasing the tension between anti- and pro-Selonian factions on Corellia. Instead, she managed to find the spacer who had helped her out previously, offering the being five hundred credits to free Zayna and bring her back to Ruluwoor without causing the mother any harm. She told the spacer to take whatever action was necessary against the terrorists, and did not care if all had to be killed, once Zayna was brought back safely.[1]

The spacer agreed; Ruluwoor had been sent a recording—once again taken by Kafleer Tredahl—which had caught the men in the act. The young aspiring holocam recorder had followed them, and sent the coordinates of their location to Ruluwoor. The spacer hurried after them, and returned victorious. Every single one of the kidnappers had been killed by the being, though Ruluwoor did not mind; she was just happy the whole ordeal was over, and that the terrorists' attacks on the Selonian dens would cease. She once again thanked the spacer who had assisted her so much, handing over five hundred credits, as per the prior agreement.[1]

Personality and traits[]

Chertyl Ruluwoor was a determined individual, and even when the odds were stacked against her she continued to do what she felt was just. She was also quite kind and was happy to lend a helping hand to those in need, even when she was not obliged to. Ruluwoor was also very lively and generous at times, and she was full of gushing praise for the spacer who assisted her efforts to bring the anti-Selonian terrorists to justice. Ruluwoor had brown hair and eyes and light skin.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Chertyl Ruluwoor's first and only appearance is in Star Wars Galaxies, a Star Wars massively multiplayer online role-playing game released for the personal computer. She acts as a non-player character, offering players two missions in which they can earn in-game money to be used for purchasing various in-game items. The player does not have to partake in Ruluwoor's quests, though this article assumes one hundred percent completion of Galaxies.

Chertyl Ruluwoor shares her name with a female Selonian who was mentioned in X-Wing: Wedge's Gamble.


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