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"She was tall—at least two meters—and slender. Selonians are all very lithe and she was covered with relatively short black fur that glistened a silver-blue when the light hit it right. Definitely gorgeous, definitely humanoid, but definitely not human."
―Corran Horn to Mirax Terrik and Gavin Darklighter[src]

Chertyl Ruluwoor was a sterile female Selonian sent to Corran Horn's CorSec unit for training under a cultural exchange program. In the traditional leadup to the annual CorSec Officers' Ball the younger Horn got to know her, eventually taking her to the event. After that, the two were involved in a short-lived but passionate relationship which was, unfortunately, cut short due to chemistry issues — of the biological kind as well as a personality variance.

Later on, during his days flying starfighters for the New Republic, Corran would speak fondly of his involvement with Chertyl, describing the relationship to Gavin Darklighter and Mirax Terrik as finding Corusca gems embedded in rocks one was planning to throw out that would fit together to form a beautiful sculpture.



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