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"We need to set aide the question of Chespea for now."
―Elzar Mann[1]

Chespea was a forest world that was the location of a Jedi temple. Around 230 BBY, the Nihil attacked the temple, destroying it and all the Jedi within and shocking the Jedi Order with their blunt anti-Jedi tactics. The attack, coordinated with an attack on the planet Banchii, drew Galactic Republic forces away from their Starlight Beacon space station and caused Chancellor Lina Soh to realize that the Nihil still posed a serious threat.


Chespea was a thickly forested, terrestrial Galactic Republic planet that was located several hyperspace jumps away from the Eiram system and housed the Chespea Temple of the Jedi Order.[1]


"Call Coruscant."
"And tell them we're under attack?"
"Tell them we are gone."
―Imgree and her Padawan[1]

Around 230 BBY,[2] during the High Republic Era, the temple was headed by Jedi Master Imgree. The Jedi Knights of the temple were more independent than on other worlds; Imgree had never contacted the Jedi Temple on the planet Coruscant in her life. However, Nihil marauders arrived above the planet to destroy the Chespea Temple below in order to send a message to the Jedi that they would show no mercy toward them. The attack was coordinated along with a similar attack on[1] the planet[3] Banchii, trying to draw support away from the Republic's Starlight Beacon space station as the worlds were several hyperspace jumps away from it. Imgree had her Padawan contact Coruscant for the first time to inform them not of their danger but of their destruction, barely getting it done before the temple's destruction. Around one hundred other beings who lived on Chespea saw the Nihil starships arrive above them, but since the Nihil had no interest in them, they were spared.[1]

The news of Chespea reached the desk of Chancellor Lina Soh, who was dismayed and was forced to realize that the Nihil were still a serious threat as a result. The Jedi High Council responded by making sure that other temples were aware of the attack and were prepared with defenses in case they were next. The Jedi Stellan Gios of the Starlight Beacon later realized that the coordination between the attacks on Chespea and Banchii, grasping that the choice of worlds was not random. Shortly after, Jedi Master Elzar Mann was forced to make a decision about Chespea, setting aside those who had fallen to prioritize taking care of refugees.[1]

Luke Skwalker's Jedi locations list, which included Chespea

Centuries later, at some point between 3 ABY and 4 ABY,[4] the rebel Luke Skywalker, who was trying to become a Jedi, had acquired an Aurebesh list of possible Jedi locations from the Galactic Empire, whom he assumed had destroyed and ransacked all of them. The list included Chespea, which was crossed out.[5]


The Chespea Temple housed Jedi Knights and at least one Jedi Master and Padawan. An additional one hundred individuals of various species lived nearby, having arrived to the world via battered craft. Birds also lived on Chespea.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Chespea was first mentioned in a hologram in Star Wars 19, the nineteenth issue of Marvel Comics' Star Wars comic series, which was written by Charles Soule[5] and published on December 8, 2021.[6] The planet later made its first appearance in the 2022 novel The Fallen Star, authored by Claudia Gray as part of the Star Wars: The High Republic series.[1]


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