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"It's a beautiful language to listen to. I only regret that I'll never speak it as well as a Chiss."
Jorj Car'das[src]

Cheunh was the official language of the Chiss. It was adopted across Csilla early in Chiss history. Cheunh was a complex, dense tongue that used comparatively few core words and an involved syntax to express ideas; more complicated ideas were expressed by combining related words into a larger whole.

The written form of Cheunh was represented ideographically, and the agglutinative features of the spoken language were reflected in the written form, which combined simpler ideograms to present more complex ideas. The Chiss found the complex nature of their tongue to be a source of pride.

As Humans did not share the same vocal abilities as the Chiss, it was difficult for other species to pronounce it correctly, even after long periods of study. It followed a logical pattern, though, and could be understood after some study.

The Chiss also used Minnisiat and Sy Bisti as lingua franca to trade in the space around their frontiers.

Known words/word rootsEdit

  • Ch'tra - Go
  • Crahsystor - Commander
  • K'rell - Corellia (Note: It is highly probable that this and the word below are simply the pronunciations used by Mitth'raw'nuruodo in 27 BBY due to his unfamiliarity at the time with Basic, and not actual Cheunh words.)
  • K'rell'n - Corellian (See above)
  • Ktah - A curse word
  • Pohskapforian (aspirated p in second syllable) - Merchant trader
  • Pohskapforian (unaspirated p in second syllable) - Fishing boat
  • Sch'oktai - Doctor
  • Stae - Near (pronounced: "stee")
  • Vasbo - Green
  • Visvia - Unit of measurement (Visvia:kilometer ratio around 5:8)



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