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"Oh, I guess you think you can do better?"
"Honestly? Yes, I do."
"Then why don't you go write your own journal and leave me alone?"
"Okay, fine, you know what? I will! I've got some great ideas for an episode about how Chewbacca's family celebrates Life Day!"
―A Whill and a second Whill[13]

Chewbacca's family was the extended family of the Wookiee Chewbacca on Kashyyyk, whose members included his father Attichitcuk, his son Lumpawaroo and his wife Mallatobuck. Following the liberation of Kashyyyk from the Galactic Empire's grasp, Chewbacca finally reunited with his family.


Early members[]

A Wookiee male named Attichitcuk[14] and a Wookiee female[15] gave birth to a son named Chewbacca.[14]

Enslavement and separation[]

"Hey, you're the married one. Find me a human girl with Malla's brains and silky hair and maybe I'll consider it."
―Han Solo, to Chewbacca[16]

Chewbacca, Malla and Lumpawaroo

Chewbacca had a wife named Mallatobuck[16] and a son named Lumpawaroo.[17] During the Imperial Era, Chewbacca was enslaved by Trandoshans.[18] "Malla" and their son "Waroo" were also enslaved by the Galactic Empire and were put into an Imperial slave labor camp on their homeworld of Kashyyyk.[19] Waroo was eventually separated from his mother and forced to work as a slave at Commandant Dessard's labor camp on the slopes of Mount Arayakyak.[17] Meanwhile, Chewbacca was forced to cut wroshyr trees in order to feed the Imperial Army.[10]

Chewbacca's life debt[]

"What's your name, anyway?"
«Chewbacca, son of Attichitcuk.»
"All right. Well, you're gonna need a nickname, 'cause I ain't saying that every time."
―Han Solo and Chewbacca, soon after meeting[14]

Chewbacca eventually ended up at an Imperial Army frontline base on the Expansion Region world of Mimban, where he was "fed" prisoners and gained the nickname "the beast." When the swamp trooper Han Solo was thrown into Chewbacca's pen for desertion, Solo managed to convince Chewbacca to help him escape together. The two subsequently joined Tobias Beckett's gang and were involved in several adventures that brought them into conflict with the Crimson Dawn and Cloud-Riders.[5] Out of gratitude for freeing him from the Empire, Chewie swore a life debt to Solo.[20]

By 0 ABY, Chewbacca and Han Solo had joined the Rebel Alliance after rescuing Princess Leia Organa and helping transport the Death Star plans to the rebel base on Yavin 4.[6] Over the next four years, Chewbacca remained by Han Solo's side and accompanied him on a series of adventures that brought them to Hoth, the Anoat system, and Cloud City. After Solo was frozen in carbonite and taken by the bounty hunter Boba Fett to Jabba Desilijic Tiure, Chewbacca accompanied Lando Calrissian on a mission to rescue Han Solo, honoring his life debt to Han.[21]

Chewbacca helped Princess Leia, Lando, Luke Skywalker, R2-D2 and C-3PO rescue Han Solo on Tatooine, resulting in the death of Jabba at the Great Pit of Carkoon. Chewbacca subsequently took part in the Battle of Endor and helped seize the second Death Star's shield generator on Endor.[9]

Return to Kashyyyk[]

Out of respect of Chewbacca's life debt to him, Han agreed to help the Wookiee liberate his homeworld of Kashyyyk in the months after the Battle of Endor, which saw the death of the Emperor, the disintegration of the Empire, and the transformation of the Rebel Alliance into the New Republic.[10] While trying to recruit smugglers and Wookiee exiles, Chewbacca was recaptured by Imperial forces in 5 ABY and imprisoned at Ashmead's Lock prison on Kashyyyk. With the help of Norra Wexley and her team, Solo managed to free Chewbacca and numerous rebel prisoners from Ashmead's Lock.[22]

Working together with the former Imperial loyalty officer Sinjir Rath Velus, the bounty hunter Jas Emari, the New Republic commando Jom Barell along with several Wookiee exiles and former slaves, Han and Chewbacca attacked Grand Moff Lozen Tolruck's island fortress and disabled the inhibitor chips that kept the Wookiees enslaved. The Wookiees subsequently rebelled in a planet-wide uprising that was aided by the New Republic. While Han left to rejoin Princess Leia, Chewbacca stayed behind on Kashyyyk to liberate his family.[22]

While taking part in a joint Wookiee-New Republic mopping-up operation, Chewbacca rescued his son Waroo from Commandant Dessard. Chewbacca experienced an emotional reunion with his son.[17] Chewbacca also reunited with his wife, Malla, following Kashyyyk's liberation.[19]

New Republic era and beyond[]

In the years following the Battle of Jakku, Chewbacca reestablished connections with his family.[2] Chewbacca also kept in touch with his old friend Han Solo, who had become the owner of a shipping company and the manager of a series of racing championships known as the Five Sabers. Chewie also kept in touch with Princess Leia, who had become a New Republic senator. Chewie expressed support for Leia following the Napkin Bombing and the public outcry resulting from revelations of Leia's true parentage as the daughter of Darth Vader.[11]

Despite his peaceful retirement, Chewbacca decided to renew his bond with Han Solo when the latter resumed his smuggling activities. As a Wookiee, Chewie's strong familial bonds and extended lifespan enabled him to spend decades away from his people.[2] In 34 ABY, Chewbacca and Solo encountered the scavenger Rey, the former First Order stormtrooper Finn, and the droid BB-8. As a result, the two became drawn into the conflict between General Organa's Resistance and the First Order, an Imperial remnant devoted to restoring Imperial rule over the galaxy. Chewbacca experienced a major personal loss when his longtime friend Han Solo was killed by his estranged son Kylo Ren.[12]

Following the Battle of Starkiller Base, Chewbacca accompanied Rey to the Unknown Regions world of Ahch-To, where Luke Skywalker had retreated to. Chewie and Rey also helped evacuate General Organa and the surviving remnants of the Resistance during the Battle of Crait.[23]

Chewbacca's family was remembered long after the Galactic Civil War. After a member of the Whills, who was writing the Journal of the Whills, became irritated by the constant interruptions of a fellow Whill, the other Whill resolved to write an episode about how the Wookiee's family celebrated Life Day.[13]

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