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Chewbacca 3 is the third of five issues of the Marvel comic book miniseries Star Wars: Chewbacca. It was written by Gerry Duggan, pencilled by Phil Noto, and published on November 11, 2015.

Publisher's summary[]

  • Errf errrf errff AAAAANNNNG!

Plot summary[]

Part III
It is a period of renewed hope for the galaxy. After
accidentally crash-landing his ship on the Outer
Rim planet Andelm-IV, CHEWBACCA, fearless
warrior son of Kashyyyk, has put aside his own
personal mission to help a young hero named

An opportunistic gangster named JAUM has taken
over Andelm-IV, enslaving the people – including
Zarro's father Arrax – and selling natural resources
to the dreaded Galactic Empire. Zarro planned a
distraction and allowed herself to be captured by
Jaum's men so that Chewie could rescue her father
and the other prisoners.

After what seemed like a successful run,
Chewbacca stayed behind in the caverns to ensure
the prisoners' safe escape – only to find himself
caught in an explosive trap set by Jaum himself....

On Andelm IV, the gangster Jaum and his Shistavanen henchman Tyvak write off the mine at the Andelm beetle caverns as a loss. However, Jaum ensures his henchman that once the Galactic Empire supports his plan, he would have access to slave labor, and droids. Tyvak plans to transform the nearby forest into the most profitable prison in the Empire. When Tyvak expresses concern that the Empire could just steal it from them, Jaum expresses his concern that the Wookiee Chewbacca somehow survived the mine blast.

Meanwhile, Chewie lifts up a fallen catwalk while Zarro douses his scorched left leg. Having put the fire out, the Wookiee and miners struggle to find a way out. Zarro is relieved to discover that her father Arrax has also survived the explosion. After embracing, Arrax tells his daughter that she should never have come back. Before Arrax can chastise his daughter, Zarro tells him and Chewie that they have to find their way out. Arrax is worried because now that the power grid is down, the Andelm beetles are free to return to the caverns. Zarro then tells Chewie that the larvae turn into poisonous beetles. When Chewie grumbles, she tells him not to make that face because he crash landed on the planet.

The three companions are soon pursued by a swarm on Andelm beetles but Chewie uses his bowcaster to shoot down one of the girders, causing the cavern to collapse on the beetles. However, Chewie's action causes the miners their only way out. Zarro reassures them that this is not the case. Chewie lifts the derelict GNK-series power droid from the guard he had knocked out earlier. After recognizing the guard, he throws the droid back onto the man. Meanwhile, Arrax leads the other forced laborers out of the mine.

Later, the miners meet up to discuss finding a way out of the mine. One Human male suggests digging their way out while a female Human warns that doing so would cause the forest to collapse on them. An Aqualish adds that it is only a matter of time before the beetles catch up with them. In the end, they reluctantly settle for Chewie's plan to do a vertical climb out of the mine through a sinkhole. With much difficulty, Chewie manages to climb through the air vent and reach a hole beneath the roots of a large dead tree. Using his strength, the Wookiee manages to topple the tree, creating a pit large enough for the miners to climb out. Using a rope, Chewie is able to safely pull out Zarro, Arrax and all of the other miners.

After thanking Chewie, Arrax tells his daughter that they have to flee offworld before the Empire arrives on Andelm IV. However, Zarro doesn't want to leave her home and become a refugee offworld. She points out that if they don't stop Jaum, they will lose everything including the planet's forests. When Arrax tells his daughter that he doesn't want to lose her to the Rebellion, she responds that she is only interested in keeping the Empire off Andelm IV. When Arrax suggests that Zarro could help treat the wounded, she points out that he has plenty of help. Unwilling to live under Jaum's oppression, Zarro plans to fight back but tells her father that she will help the Wookiee repair his ship. Zarro reluctantly supports his daughter and tells Chewbacca that she is all that he's got and to stay away from the spaceport. Zarro promises to stay away from the local spaceport.

In secret, Zarro and the Wookiee travel to the spaceport. She finds the droid I-7, who serves as the eyes for his master Sevox. Zarro convinces her old friend Sevox, who lives in a secret bunker to let her and Chewie borrow some gear for a special project. The two companions find an old green R5 droid, which Chewbacca plans to use against Jaum. Meanwhile, at Jaum's nightclub, the gangster's guards bring in one of his former workers who was caught skulking outside. This worker turns out to be the former owner of the nightclub. After learning from the worker that the miners had escaped with the help of the Wookiee, Zarro burns the Human's face by with a tube linked to his life-support helmet. Jaum then orders Tyvak to assemble his men in the hangar and to redirect the array in order to make a deep space transmission.

In space, the Imperial Commander Kai receives Jaum's call from the hangar bay of his Imperial Star Destroyer. Kai informs him that the samples that he sent are still undergoing testing. To deal with the escaped miners and the Wookie, Jaum asks Kai to send stormtroopers to quell rebellious attitudes. Jaum tells the commander to consider it a payment. The commander accepts the payment but asks if his city streets are wide enough to accommodate AT-ST walkers.



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