"Chewbacca - The Trusty Co-Pilot" is the fifth episode of Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures. It premiered on the StarWarsKids.com and the Disney Now websites on November 30, 2018.[2][3]

Plot summary[]

The episode opens with the narrator stating "that in a galaxy of adventures every pilot needs a good co-pilot." The Millennium Falcon travels through space. Aboard the Falcon, Chewbacca roars while Han Solo nods his head. Just then, an Imperial Star Destroyer exits hyperspace and opens fire on the Falcon. Solo tells Chewie that they are going to have company and hastily exist the cockpit.

Inside the engine room, Solo tells Chewbacca to turn down the boosters. Han then yells at Chewbacca to bring the hydrospanners. While Han flies the Falcon, Chewbacca works on an overhead panel. The Falcon flies rings around the Star Destroyer. While the two are working on a generator, Chewbacca gets electrocuted. As the pursuit continues, Han and Chewbacca head back to the cockpit. They try to jump into lightspeed but the hyperdrive doesn't respond. Chewbacca slams his fist against the dashboard in frustration and the ships comes back to life. The two then pull the levers as the Falcon enters into hyperspace.



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